Army Of Darkness
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                        THE ARMY OF DARKNESS

Screenplay by Sam Raimi and Ivan Raimi

January 3, 1991

Registered with the Writers Guild of America, 1991

c 1991 by Sam and Ivan Raimi.  All rights reserved.

Shooting Script  2/26/91



        This is Ash, mid twenties, square jaw firmly set and a pair of
        haunted eyes which dart about quickly in fear. Ash speaks to
        the CAMERA with urgency:

                  Why would you say that I am
                  insane?  I wouldn't say that I've
                  lost my mind simply because I've
                  heard the voices and seen the
                  godless things moving in the
                  woods. If anything, I think more
                  clearly now than ever before. I
                  know now that there is such a
                  thing as a living Evil. A dark
                  and shapeless thing that lives
                  not in the spaces we know, but
                  between them. In the Dark. In the
                  night. And it wants the exact same
                  thing as you and I: a chance at
                  warm life on this Earth. It
                  doesn't care that is already had
                  that chance ...once. Now listen
                  closely because there isn't much
                  time. Listen and believe, because
                  it's all true.

                                                DISSOLVE TO:

2       EXT. A LOG CABIN - NIGHT                                        2

        nestled in a dark forest. Through the window, we see the tiny
        figure of Ash picking up a book from a desk.

                            ASH (V.O.)
                  I first saw the damn thing at that
                  blasted cabin. The Necronomicon.
                  An ancient Sumarrian text, bound
                  in human flesh and inked in human
                  blood. It contained bizarre burial
                  rites, prophesies...and
                  instruction for demon
                  resurrection. It was never meant
                  for the world of the living.

                                                DISSOLVE TO:

3       INT. CABIN - NIGHT                                              3

        Ash flips through the pages from the BOOK OF THE DEAD.

                            ASH (V.O.)
                  The book awoke something dark in
                  the woods.



        inscribed on the pages.  Illustrations of demonic faces with
        white eyes.

5       EXT. WOODS - NIGHT                                              5

        We take the point of view of a wind-like demon, swooping low
        through the woods toward the cabin.  CAMERA rips through the
        cabin door and comes upon a SCREAMING Ash.

                            ASH (V.O.)
                  It got into my hand and it went

6       CLOSE ON ASH'S POSSESSED HAND                                   6

        twisting into a claw, before the flashing thunder clouds.

                            ASH (V.O.)
                  So I lopped it off at the wrist.

7       INT. CABIN - NIGHT                                              7

        ASH severs his hand from his wrist with the chainsaw.

8       BLOOD RED CLOUDS                                                8

        sweep past the moon.

                            ASH (V.O.)
                  In order to rid myself of the foul
                            send the Evil back. And it worked.

9       A BANDAGED, ONE HANDED ASH                                      9

        recites the incantation from the Necronomicon.

10      EXT. CABIN - NIGHT                                              10

        The Time vortex is created.  Trees and a 1973 Delta 88
        Oldsmobile are sucked up into the funnel cloud.

                            ASH (V.O.)
                  ...I just didn't plan on coming

11      EXT. CABIN - NIGHT                                              11

        Ash, now armed with shotgun and chainsaw, is swallowed by the
        funnel-cloud of the Time vortex.

12      INT. TIME VORTEX                                                12

        Ash is rocketing through a funnel of swirling clouds.  He is
        swept away from us, hand over foot, through the dark void of

13      ANIMATION - A TENDRIL OF SMOKE                                  13

        swirls through blackness as a chorus of women's voices build
        to eerie crescendo, from a musical note to a SCREAM.  The smoke
        swirls, pulls in upon itself, like a thing alive, and forms the

                            "BRUCE CAMPBELL"


        The smoke is wisked away, then reforms as...

                            "THE ARMY OF DARKNESS"

        The title billows past CAMERA REVEALING...

14      INT. TIME VORTEX                                                14


        its hands winding backwards at an insane rate, spins angrily
        past, revealing other debris that has been swept up into this
        funnel cloud. Tumbling weightless through this void we find...

15      ASH                                                             15

        He SCREAMS but there is no sound. No scream. Only the steady
        BEATING of his heart.

16      ANGLE ON ASH FRONT SCREEN PROJECTION                            16

        He shields his eyes from a sudden bright light.  The funnel
        cloud electrifies.

17      ASH'S BODY                                                      17

        RIPS at the fabric of Time.

18      EXT. CLOUDY SKY - DAY                                           18

        All is quiet.  Then, an electrical disturbance in the shape of
        a human body flashes briefly and is gone.  A moment latter, Ash
        appears and tumbles from the sky, falling past CAMERA.

19      EXT. BARREN WASTELAND - DAY                                     19

        ASH falls to the dust.  His double barrelled shotgun lands
        beside him.  The '73 Oldsmobile comes CRASHING to the ground
        a moment later.

20      ASH                                                             20

        looks up from the dust to behold...

21      TWENTY-FIVE MOUNTED HORSEMEN                                    21

        in 12th century armor ride up over a hill.  They halt before

22      WARRIOR #1                                                      22

        thrusts his longsword into the air, shouting:

                            WARRIOR #1
                  Hail to him who has come from the
                  sky to deliver us from the terror
                  of the Deadites!  Hail!

23      ASH                                                             23

        stares in confusion at the strange medieval figures.

24      TWENTY-FIVE WARRIOR                                             24

        join in the chant and hail Ash, but suddenly stop as...

25      ARTHUR                                                          25

        the muscular commander of the group, gallops his horse into
        frame, followed by FOUR HORSEMEN who are his lieutenants. Arthur
        lifts his iron visor and evaluates Ash.

26      ARTHUR'S P.O.V.                arm.  The Shotgun.

27      A FRIGHTENED ASH                                                27

        waves a shaky hand.

                  Take is easy now chief. I don't
                  know how I got here and I'm not
                  lookin' for any trouble.

28      WISEMAN JOHN                                                    28

        An elderly man, in a long black cloak, steps forward.

                            WISEMAN JOHN
                  My Lord Arthur, I believe he is
                  the promised one, written of in
                  the Necronomicon.

29      ARTHUR                                                          29

        Brings his sword down across Ash's chest. Ash cries out in pain

30      ASH'S CHEST                                                     30

        is cut. A thin red gash.

                  He bleeds.  As a man bleeds.  The
                  one written of in the Book would
                  not bleed.

31      ARTHUR GESTURES                                                 31

        and CAMERA PANS to four prisoners bound in iron shackles.

                  Likely, he is one of Henry's men.
                  I say to the pit with him!  If he
                  is truly the promised one... he
                  will emerge.

                            WARRIOR #2 AND #3
                  Aye!  The pit's a fair test!

                            GOLD TOOTHED WARRIOR
                  To the pit with the blackard!

32      GOLD TOOTH                                                      32

        charges his horse at Ash. But he is met with the wooden stock
        of Ash's shotgun as it swings into frame, cracking against his

33      WIDE SHOT - GOLD TOOTH - STUNTMAN                               33

        He tumbles from the horse.

34      ASH                                                             34

        leaps atop Gold Tooth's horse and jerks the reigns.

35      LONG SHOT - ASH'S HORSE                                         35

        rears up, kicking it's hooves into the air.

36      ASH                                                             36

        gallops off as Warrior #2 runs at him. Ash kicks him in the face
        as he gallops past.  The Warrior is sent reeling.

37      TRUCKING SHOT - ASH                                             37

        galloping over a hill.  He is almost thrown by the horse, but
        manages to hang on for dear life.

                  Where the hell they put the
                  stirrups on this thing!!??

38      CLOSE SHOT - ASH'S FEET                                         38

        grasping at the side of the horse, hoping to find some purchase.

39      LONG SHOT - ASH - STUNTMAN                                      39

        he rides past CAMERA, almost falling from the horse.

40      ANGLE ON ARTHUR                                                 40

                  LIEUTENANTS!  Fetch me the blackard.

41      TWO OF ARTHUR'S ARMORED HORSEMEN                                41

        unsheathe their broadswords and gallop after Ash. The remaining
        Warriors watch for sport.

42      HIGH SHOT - TWO HORSEMEN                                        42

        They are gaining an Ash.

43      ASH                                                             43

        glances behind him.


        They diverge to either side of CAMERA.

45      ASH                                                                                     47

        ducks the blade.

48      THE SECOND HORSEMAN                                             48

        rides up alongside Ash's other flank.  He swings and lands the
        flat part of his blade along Ash's back.


49      ASH                                                             49

        ducks as the first horseman swings his blade again.


        ASH looks left...

50      THE SECOND HORSEMAN                                             50

        winds up for another blow.

51      ASH                                                             51

        yanks back upon his horse's reigns.

52      THE THREE HORSES                                                52

        running side by side. Ash's horse drops back suddenly.

53      THE SECOND HORSEMAN                                             53


54      HIS BROADSWORD                                                  54

        slams the First Horseman across the face.

55      THE FIRST HORSEMAN                                              55

        is knocked from his steed.

56      TRUCKING SHOT - THE FIRST HORSEMAN                              56

        is moving fast when he hits the ground. His armored form tumbles
        end over end in the dust, clanging to a halt against a rock.

57      THE SECOND HORSEMAN                                             57

        turns around and gallops back toward Ash.

58      WIDE SHOT - ASH AND THE SECOND HORSEMAN                         58

        ride at one another.


        swinging his Broadsword.

60      TRUCKING SHOT - ASH AS HE RIDES                                 60

        He inserts the stump of his right arm into the female end of
        his chainsaw arm bracket.

        FOOMP!  He twists his stump and the chainsaw bracket locks into
        place.  CLINK!

        He thrusts his chainsaw arm outward, pulling on the starter
        cord; PUTT-PUTT-PUTT... The engine won't turn over.  He curses
        and yanks again.

61      THE SECOND HORSEMAN                                             61

        draws close. He leans from his horse and swings his Broadsword
        mightily.  The flat portion of the blade connects. THUNK!

62      ASH                                                             62

        is knocked from his steed.  He tumbles to the dust, narrowly
        escaping his own horse's hooves.

63      ASH                                                             63

        rolls to his feet and spins to the sound of approaching hooves!

64      THE SECOND HORSEMAN                                             64

        charges and swings his broadsword.

65      ASH                                                             65

        raises his chainsaw.  CLINK!  He deflects the blow. Ash swings
        the chainsaw in a roundhouse motion, clipping the Second
        Horseman as he rides past.

66      TRUCKING SHOT - THE SECOND HORSEMAN                             66

        is knocked from his horse.

67      LOW TRUCKING SHOT - THE SECOND HORSEMAN                         67

        bounces along the rocky ground, kicking up dust.

68      A SWORD HANDLE                                                  68

        slams against the back of Ash's skull.

69      ASH                                                             69

        crumples.  He looks up in pain to...

70      ARTHUR                                                          70

        above him. The sun over his shoulder.

71      EIGHT MOUNTED WARRIORS                                          71

        gallop up, dismount and surround Ash with swords drawn.72      GOLD TOOTH AND OTHER WARRIORS                                   72

        secure Ash to a set of iron shackles that painfully extend his
        arms. A collar forces his neck upward.

                  To the castle!

73      WARRIOR #2 ON HORSEBACK                                         73

        prods Ash along with a rod attached to his spiked iron collar.
        The Warriors gallop off, forcing Ash and the other prisoners
        to run alongside them.

74      WISEMAN JOHN                                                    74

        Picks up the chainsaw and sawed off shotgun from the dust.  He
        is troubled by the strange objects. Sunlight glints off the
        blade of the chainsaw, blinding the CAMERA.

                                                DISSOLVE TO:

75      THE HOT ORB OF THE SUN                                          75

        blazing in the sky above the wasteland.

                                                DISSOLVE TO:

76      EXT. PARCHED LAND - DAY - A WEARY ASH                           76

        bound in his iron shackles, whipped by Gold Tooth, who rides
        alongside him.

                            GOLD TOOTH
                  Move along now!

                                                DISSOLVE TO:


        CAMERA PANS along the line of Arthur and his horsemen, to find
        a 12TH CENTURY BATTLE CASTLE built on the edge of a great cliff.
        A drawbridge is lowered.  Arthur's warriors ride over it.

78      CAMERA TRACKING WITH ASH                                        78

        shackled alongside other prisoners, is prodded inside the castle

79      INT. CASTLE COURTYARD                                           79


        a striking, blonde haired maiden, rushes into frame. She
        searches the faces of Arthur's warriors and grows concerned.
        She pushes through a crowd of villagers and calls up to Arthur
        atop his horse.

                  M'Lord Arthur!  Where is my brother?
                  Did he not ride with you?

                  Eye.  And fought valiantly.  But
                  last night fell in battle to Duke
                  Henry's men.


        Her face does not immediately register the grief.  She attempts
        to step forward but stumbles.  She steadies herself against the
        stone wall. Her eyes harden as she sees the first of the
        shackled prisoners: a semi-conscious Ash.

        She flushes with anger and races up to him. She spits and kicks
        at him as he's dragged along.

                  Foul thing!  A pox on your throat!
                  Thou art a Murderer!  A black

80      VILLAGE WOMEN                                                   80

        restrain her.


        cries as the Village Women attempt to soothe her.

                            VILLAGE WOMAN #1
                  May you be consoled by their
                  suffering in the pit.


        halt. Iron keys rattle. The shackles are unlocked. Ash and the
        prisoners rub their reddened wrists. They are pushed at
        swordpoint towards a circular iron grate that sits atop the
        ground. This is THE PIT.

82      ASH                                                             82

        looks to the jeering villagers that surround the pit, wondering
        what they have in store for him.

83      SHEILA                                                          83

       are not one of my
                  vassals.  Who are you?

                  Who wants to know?

                            DUKE HENRY
                  I am Henry the Red. Duke of Shale.
                  Lord of the Northlands and leader
                  of its people.

                  You ain't leadin' but two things
                  now, pal. Jack and shit.  And Jack
                  left town.


        address the doomed men:

                  There is an Evil that has awakened
                  in this land.  And whilst my
                  people fight for their very souls
                  against it, you, Duke Henry the
                  Red, wage war on us. Your people
                  are no better than the foul
                  corruption that lies in the bowels
                  of that pit!  May God have mercy
                  on your souls.

86      TWO OF ARTHUR'S MEN                                             86

        crank a massive wench.  Chains tighten and the heavy iron lid
        slides back, revealing a dark hole.  The Pit.

87      FROM THE BOWELS OF THE IRON GRATED PIT                          87

        a echoed wailing rises up.

88      ASH, HENRY AND THE OTHER PRISONERS                              88

        stiffen in fear.

89      AN OLD WOMAN AMONGST THE JEERING CROWD                          89

                            OLD WOMAN
                  Aye. Into the pit with the
                  bloodthirsty sons of whores!

        She jams a meat pie into her mouth and cheers excitedly as
        CAMERA PANS TO...

90      HENRY'S WARRIOR #1                                              90

        as he's thrown down into the pit.  He disappears into the

91      CAMERA PANS AND HALTS CLOSE ON ASH                              91

        watching with disbelief.  We hear the warrior's echoed cry of
        terror, then a SPLASH as he hits bottom.

92      CLOSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PIT                                    92

        looking down into the blackness we hear:

                            HENRY'S WARRIOR #1 (O.S.)
                  I beg of you... by all that's
                  holy!  Lower a rope!  Lower... Oh,
                  for the love of god!  no!  NO!!!

        The sound of ripping and scratching.  The SHRIEK of terror is
        cut short as...


        erupts upward from the pit. Then silence.

93      ASH                                                             93

        is frozen in fear.

                            TOWER GUARD (O.S.)
                  There!  He's escaping!


        jerks from the pit to...

94      TRACKING SHOT - HENRY'S WARRIOR #2                              94

        making a break for it!  He's past the guards, heading for the open

95      THE TOWER ARCHERS                                               95

        spot him and fire arrows.

96      ANGLE ON                                                        96

        PING!  PING!

        They bounce off the Warrior's armor.  He's makes it to the open
        drawbridge when...

97      ARTHUR                                                          97

        pulls back a iron arrow in his crossbow.  ZING!  He lets it fly.
        CAMERA SWISH PANS with arrow...

98      PAN HALTS ON HENRY'S WARRIOR #2                                 98

        The iron arrow punctures the Warrior's armor, pegging him to
        a wooden post.  He dies standing.

99      THE CROWD                                                       99

        Cheers.  They turn their attention to the remaining prisoners:
        CAMERA PANS from their bloodthirsty faces to the next prisoner
        in line...

100     ASH                                                             100

        turns to Arthur and in a desperate, cowardly plea:

                  Hey, I never even saw these
                  assholes before..

        He spins to Duke Henry the Red.

                  You gotta tell 'em you don't know
                  me. We never met. Tell him.

                  I do not believe that he shall

101     THE WARRIORS                                                    101

        grab Ash and shove him into the pit.

102     ASH                                                             102

        tumbles down into the pit.  He lands in a STEAMING pool of foul
        water at the pit's bottom.  He stands and coughs out a mouthful
        of the rancid water. He looks about.

103     INT. PIT - ASH'S P.O.V.                                         103

        UNDERGROUND CAVERNS disappear into the blackness.

104     ASH                                                             104

        spins to a small sound.

105     INT. PIT - ASH'S P.O.V.                                         105

        Nothing.  Just the mist rising from the water.

106     ASH                                                             106

        shifts his glance again.

107     A SHADOW                                                        107

        rounds a corner and disappears from sight.

108     ASH                                                             108

        doesn't notice the misty water behind him beginning to stir.
        Bubbles. A hand emerges. Silently, a pair of bone white eyes
        break the surface.

109     ASH                                                             109

        spins... but there's nothing there.  As he turns back around,
        he is confronted by...


        It's rotted corpse rockets up from the water inches from Ash's

110     CLOSER                                                          110

        Putrid water drains from it's empty eye sockets and mouth. It
        jerks like a marionette as it advances.

111     ASH SCREAM                                                      111

        and backs ag                                          113

        He falls away from the wall, his arms flailing.

114     ABOVE THE PIT - GOLD TOOTH AND OTHER VILLAGERS                  114

        hoot and cheer for Ash to be devoured.

115     THE PIT - THE DEADITE                                           115

        grabs Ash, and begins hammering him with her rotted fists.

116     ABOVE THE PIT - SHEILA                                          116

        shouts for Ash's death.

117     THE PIT - ASH'S FACE                                            117

        The Deadite's fist enters frame, slugging Ash.

118     LONG SHOT - ASH                                                 118

        is knocked back into a shallow pool of steaming water.

119     THE DEADITE                                                     119

        races toward Ash, leaps into the air and comes down with a
        kneedrop onto Ash's stomach.

120     ASH                                                             120

        cries out in pain.

121     ASH'S LEGS                                                      121

        cross to form a scissor lock around the Deadite's throat.  He
        flips the beast.

122     ABOVE THE PIT - WISEMAN JOHN                                    122

        rides into the castle, dismounts and pushes through the crowd
        with a bundle wrapped in cloth.

123     THE DEADITE                                                     123

        grabs Ash by the throat.

124     THE PIT - A BLOODIED ASH                                        124

        is thrown against the rock wall of the pit.

125     THE DEADITE                                                     125


126     ABOVE THE PIT - WISEMAN JOHN                                    126

        shouts down at Ash.

127     THE PIT - ASH                                                   127

        trying to hear what the Wiseman is saying. His head jolts
        backward, barely avoiding the beast's wild swing. Ash squints
        to discern Wiseman John throwing something down to him: an
        object falling at him through the glare above.

128     THE CHAINSAW - SLOW MOTION                                      128

        tumbling downward.  Blinding beams of sunlight bouncing off its
        blade of steel.  Ash's Excalibur!

129     ASH - SLOW MOTION                                               129

        summons his strength and leaps upward.


        Tumbling downward...

131     HIGH ANGLE- ASH                                                 131

        ascending, his teeth gritted, every muscle straining, he soars
        past CAMERA.

132     LONG SHOT - SLOW MOTION                                         132

        Ash rising up through frame to meet the falling saw.

133     ASH'S STUMP                                                     133

        snags the chainsaw, locking in onto his wrist bracket.CLICK!

134     ASH WITH HIS CHAINSAW                                           134

        He lands on his feet, in the path of the approaching beast.

                  Come on, you blasted piece of--

        He thrusts out his chainsaw arm, yanking the starter cord and...

135     ABOVE THE PIT - THE WARRIOR AND VILLAGERS                       135

        gasp at the ROAR of the chainsaw.  Blue exhaust billows up from
        the pit.

136     THE PIT - LOW ANGLE - THE DEADITE                               136

        lunges at Ash.

137     DEADITE HAND MEETS SAW                                          137

        Buzzzz              140

        as it ascends, Ash and the Deadite grow smaller below.

141     ABOVE THE PIT - THE DEADITE'S SEVERED HAND                      141

        flies up into frame and latches onto the face of a drunken
        spectator. It's fingers dig into the eyes and nose. He shrieks
        and flails about, into the screaming crowd. A Warrior tears the
        hand free from his face, tossing it back down into the pit.

142     THE PIT - ASH                                                   142

        raises the chainsaw blade and neatly bisects the falling deadite
        hand.  He spins and with a roundhouse blow...

143     CAMERA MOUNTED ON ASH                                           143

        Ash decapitates the beast.

144     ABOVE THE PIT - THE WARRIORS AND VILLAGERS                      144

        stop cheering from the Deadite. They're starting to like this
        guy's guts and style.

145     THE LAST REMNANTS                                               145

        of the beast sink beneath the murky waters of the pit.

146     ASH                                                             146

        climbs the steep wall of the pit when a SECOND DEADITE emerges
        from the earthen wall before him.

147     ASH                                                             147

        slams the butt end of the chainsaw into the beast, knocking it
        back into the water.

148     ABOVE THE PIT - THE VILLAGERS                                   148

        gasp as...


149     ASH'S CHAINSAW ARM                                              149

        comes up, over the edge of the pit.  Followed by... THUMP!  Ash's
        bloody hand.  Then his bruised face.  Covered in the black blood
        of the Deadites. He crawls to his feet.

        Ash tuns to the crowd, his list clenched.

                  All right now. Who wants to be
                  next?  Who wants some.

150     GOLD TOOTH                                                      150

        look at Ash stupidly. Ash shoves him.

                  You want some more?  Huh?!

        Gold Tooth and the others give him a wide berth. Ash calls out
        to Henry.

                  Now climb on those horses and get
                  out of here.

151     HENRY AND HIS TWO WARRIORS                                      151

        quickly mount horses.

                  Nay. Henry is my prisoners. He--

152     ASH                                                             152

        slaps Henry's horse.

                  GIDDYUP NOW!!  HYAAAH!

153     THE STUNNED CROWD                                               153

        parts allowing...

154     HENRY AND HIS WARRIORS                                          154

        to gallop off toward the open drawbridge and freedom.

155     ARTHUR                                                          155

        stares at Ash with hatred.

                  For that, I shall see you dead.

156     ASH                                                             156

        removes his sawed off shotgun from Wiseman John's horse and
        turns to Arthur, then the crowd.

                  This is my boomstick. It's a
                  twelve gauge, double barreled
                  Remington pump. Next one of you
                  primitives touch me...

157     ASH SPINS,                                                      157

        pointing the barrel just past Arthur. He, but no one else, has
        spotted the surviving Second Deadite crawling up from the pit
        on the forgotten chain.LE ON                                                        158


        The second shot blows the beast into a backflip, sending it
        summersaulting down into the pit.

159     THE SOUND OF THE GUNBLAST                                       159

        echoes off the mountains like distant thunder.

160     SHEILA, THE WISEMAN, ARTHUR AND THE CROWD                       160

        look to Ash in reverence.

161     ASH                                                             161

        twirls the shotgun about western style: WHOOSH, WHOOSH,
        WHOOSH...  and holsters it.

                  Bring me your hoo do man.

162     EXT. BLACKBIRDS                                                 162

        fly from a barren tree.

163     SOMETHING MOVES IN THE DARKNESS                                 163

        It prowls, skimming the surface of the ground, moving swiftly
        past rocks and over the crest of a hill revealing...

164     EXT. TEMPLE RUINS - LONG SHOT - NIGHT                           164

        A massive grouping of freestanding rectangular stones, each
        twenty feet tall.  The remains of an ancient temple.  In the
        center of the ruins there burns a roaring bonfire.  As old Woman
        stirs a cauldron atop the flames.  Nearby, Arthur converses with
        his four Lieutenants.

165     EXT. WITHIN THE RUINS - NIGHT                                   165

        CLOSE UP - ASH

        opens his mouth to allow a spoonful of food to enter.  No sooner
        has he swallowed then a piece of fruit is offered.  He waves
        it away with a satisfied burp and turns to drink from a goblet
        on wine, brought to his lips by a female hand.

166     ASH AND SHEILA                                                  166

        sits across the flames from Arthur and his men.  She bandages
        Ash's wounds.

167     SHEILA                                                          167

        is dresses in a revealing tunic. She looks good.

                  I pray thee to forgive me.  I
                  believed thee one of Henry's men.

        She touches Ash's hand. Ash turns away

                  First you wanta kill me, now ya
                  wanna kiss me.

        He spits out a mouthful of grape seeds.

                  Lady, just leave me alone.

                  I'm sorry m'lord. Please
                  understand... T'is a cruel time
                  for us. The Wisemen say you are
                  the promised one. Our only hope
                  against the darkness that has
                  descended on this land.

                  They're mistaken.

        She stares deeply into his eyes.

                  I think not.  I feel that there
                  is reason for your being here.
                  It is no accident.

166     WISEMAN JOHN AND TWO OTHER CLOAKED WISEMEN                      167

        approach.  They sit in tall stone chairs across the fire from

                  Well what is it?  Can you send me
                  back or not?

                            WISEMAN JOHN
                  Only the Necronomicon has the
                  power.  A power which we both
                  require. It contains passages that
                  can dispel the Evil from this
                  place and return you to your time.

                  The Necronomicon. Yeah, that's
                  the thing that got me here.

       ited long years for you.
                  Out only hope is the Necronomicon.
                  Thou must undertake to quest for
                  it.  Alone must thou travel to
                  a distant cemetery. There thou
                  shalt find it.

                  Me?  Now way, no day. Only place I'm
                  goin' is home.

        A sudden gust of wind whips up the flames of the fire.

169     DOGS                                                            169

        around the fire begin to snarl and fight.

170     ASH AND SHEILA                                                  170

        turn to see...

171     THE OLD WOMAN                                                   171

        now standing too close to the fire.  Her robes ignites.  She does
        not respond as flames sweep up her body. She continues to stir
        the caldron.

172     ASH                                                             172

        His haw drops.  He slowly stands as...

173     THE BURNING WOMAN                                               173

        spins sharply to him.  Her voice changes as she SHRIEKS;

                            POSSESSED WOMAN
                  YOU SHALL DIE!

        Her eyes are bone white.  She is POSSESSED by the dark spirit.
        Her burning body is violently jerked about in the air by
        invisible hands. Her blackened lips pull back in a wild animal
        snarl. With two voice at once;

                            POSSESSED WOMAN
                  YOU SHALL NEVER WIN THE
                  YOUR SOUL, AND THEN THE SOUL OF

174     THE POSSESSED WOMAN                                             174

        collapses. Her face turned away from the Wisemen as it lays in
        the dust.


        Unseen by all, her bone white eyes flare open!  A nasty grin forms
        on her face as she lies in the dust. Behind her, the Wisemen

176     WISEMAN JOHN                                                    176

        kneels and reaches for her.

177     ASH'S HAND                                                      177

        clutches Wiseman John, not allowing him to touch her.

                  It's a trick.  Get an axe.

178     THE POSSESSED WOMAN                                             178

        awakens from her false slumber with a terrible BARK.  In a
        frenzy she hurls WISEMAN JOHN into the bonfire. He SCREAMS and
        rolls in the dust, extinguishing the flames.

179     PAPER MACHE STONE ARCHWAY                                       179

        With her great strength, the Possessed Woman pushes upon one
        of the giant stone archways. It topples over, crushing two
        warriors beneath it.

180     A GIGANTIC STONE                                                180

        topples the next stone.


        Which topples the next, which sets off a chain reaction.

        BOOM!  BOOM!

        Like giant dominoes, they fall.

181     ASH                                                             181

        watches the spectacle in horror as he sees...

182     ANGLE ON                                                        182

        The gigantic falling stones coming right at SHEILA!

183     THE FALLING STONE'S P.O.V. - SHEILA                             183

        She SCREAMS!

184     SHEILA'S P.O.V. - THE FALLING STONES                            184

        coming toward CAMERA.

        BOOM!  BOOM!  BOOM!

185     ASH                                                             185

        does a flying leap and tackles SHEILA, knocking h                                   187

        rolls into frame and glances up to see...

188     THE POSSESSED AND BURNING WOMAN                                 188

        rushing through the air at him with a SHRIEK!

189     WIDE SHOT - THE POSSESSED AND BURNING WOMAN                     189

        latches onto Ash like an iron trap, knocking them both to the

190     ASH                                                             190

        rolls the Possessed Woman over, and into the path of...

191     ANGLE ON                                                        191

        The falling, gigantic domino-like stones.

        BOOM!  BOOM!  BOOM!



        SHRIEKS in agony as... SMASH!  The multi-ton stone crushes her
        legs to paste.  Her legs are pinned but still she battles on,
        clutching Ash about his throat!

193     ASH                                                             193

        gasps for breath as he reaches behind him, into the flames of
        the fire, his fingers groping for a weapon.

194     POSSESSED WOMAN - STOP MOTION ANIMATION                         194

        Her blackened lips pull back and her mouth opens to an
        impossibly large size, like a snake about to eat an egg.

195     ASH                                                             195

        grasps a flaming log with his bare hands and rams it down the
        monster's oversized throat.  She chokes.

196     GOLD TOOTH AND THREE OTHER WARRIORS                             196

        grab the beast and pull it off of Ash.  Arthur comes to meet
        them.  He carries a double-bladed battle axe.

197     THE POSSESSED WOMAN                                             197

        vomits out the flaming log, taking off a man's head.

                            POSSESSED WOMAN
                  The Evil lives.  Slay me and ten
                  will rise to take my place.  All
                  will die.  ALL WILL -


198     IN SILHOUETTE, THE AXE                                          198

        is brought down upon her throat.  The possessed body flails and
        spasm beneath the Warrior's grip.

199     THE HEAD                                                        199

        rolls, and comes to a halt at Ash's feet.  It's eyes pop open!

                            POSSESSED WOMAN'S HEAD

200     ARTHUR                                                          200

        grabs the laughing head and tosses it into the darkness.  The
        head sails away as the laughter receded.

                            WISEMAN JOHN
                  Now.  Will thou quest for the

201     CLOSE ON ASH                                                    201

        He considers.

202     INT. CASTLE - BLACKSMITH'S WORKSHOP - DAY                       202

        Ash and the blacksmith step into the shop.

203     ASH                                                             203

        points to the hand piece on a hanging suit of battle armor.

204     THE BLACKSMITH                                                  204

        pounds upon the hand armor, modifying it.

205     SHEILA                                                          205

        knits a grey woolen garment as she watches Ash.

206     BLACKSMITH'S WORKSHOP - DAY                                     206


        attaches the shock absorber spring to the iron hand.

207     ASH                                                             207


210     ASH'S SPRING-DRIVEN IRON HAND                                   210

        SNAPS open with great force.

211     ANGLE ON                                                        211



        clenches closed with such great power, that it bends a iron

212     CLOSE ON ASH                                                    212

        He studies his new hand. It will do nicely.

                                                DISSOLVE TO:

213     EXT. CASTLE TURRET - NIGHT                                      213


        stares over the castle wall to the foreboding wasteland with
        apprehension.  The wind blows upon his hair. Sheila appears
        behind him. She drapes a grey garment over Ash. A magnificent
        cape. Ash draws her body close to his. He wraps the cape around
        her.  Together they stare off into the night, then turn to one
        another and kiss.

                                                DISSOLVE TO:

214     EXT. LANDSCAPE OF CRACKED GROUND 1500MM LENS - DAY              214

        Arthur's castle in the distance.  In the foreground, five men
        on horseback appear over a ridge, thundering toward us. Their
        long wool capes billowing up behind them in the wind.

215     CLOSER ON RIDERS - TRUCKING SHOT                                215

        Arthur and Wiseman John ride, flanked by two of Arthur's
        Warriors.  CAMERA PULLS BACK TO REVEAL...


        He wears an iron breastplate with the insignia of Arthur's army
        that compliments his new spring-powered iron hand.  His chainsaw
        juts from it's saddle holster on the horse's back.  Ash's cape
        billows as he rides.

                                                DISSOLVE TO:

216     EXT. MOUNTAIN - DAY                                             216

        The Horsemen wind down a trail.  Suddenly the horses rear up.
        The men gain control of the frightened steeds.

                  What's going on?


        points to...

217     THE TRAIL THAT LIES BEFORE THEM                                 217

        It disappears abruptly into a swirling wall of mist that emits
        an eerie whistling.

                            WISEMAN JOHN
                  This is the edge of the land ruled
                  by the Dark Spirit. This path will
                  lead you to an unholy place. A
                  cemetery. There, the Necronomicon

218     ASH                                                             218

        anxiously eyes the wall of swirling mist.

219     THE TWO WARRIORS                                                219

        finish placing saddlebags of water and food onto...

        ASH'S HORSE

        which nervously pounds the earth with it's hooves.

                            WARRIOR #1
                  Lord Arthur, he is supplied.  Now
                  I beg of you, let us leave this
                  foul place.

                  A moment.

220     WISEMAN JOHN                                                    220

        moves close to Ash.

                            WISEMAN JOHN
                  As thou removest the Book from
                  it's cradle, you must recite these
                  words.  Clatoo, verata, Nicto.

                  Clatto Verata Nicto.  Okay. 

                            WISEMAN JOHN
                  Repeat them.

                  Clatto Verata Nicto.

                            WISEMAN #1


        Ash rears up on his horse and gallops into the mist

221     ARTHUR AND WISEMAN JOHN                                         221

        watch as Ash disappears.

222     IN A SEA OF MIST                                                222

        The sound of THUNDEROUS HOOFS.  A form materializes out of the
        fog:  It is Ash.

223     CLOSER ON ASH                                                   223

        He whips the horse.


224     ANGLE ON ASH                                                    224

        He gallops past.  CAMERA PANS as he disappears into the thick

                                                FADE OUT.

225     EXT. TRAIL'S ENTRANCE TO WOODS                                  225


        rides out of the wall of mist. He finds himself on a trail
        leading into a thick forest.

226     EXT. WOODS                                                      226

        LONG SHOT - ASH

        rides slowly on through the darkening woods.

227     CLOSER ON ASH                                                   227

        He hears a sound and look to...

228     A SECTION OF WOODS                                              228

        A branch SCRAPING against the bark of a tree.

229     ASH                                                             229

        hears a woman's soft laughter.  He glance to...

230     A BUBBLING BROOK                                                230

        and nothing more.

231     THE EVIL FORCE P.O.V.                                           231

        powers through the woods toward Ash.

232     ASH                                                             232

        kick his steed and bolts.

233     THE EVIL FORCE                                                  233

        sweeps over the forest floor, gaining velocity.

234     ASH                                                             234

        frantically weaves his horse around storm felled trees which
        jut from the ground.

235     THE EVIL FORCE                                                  235

        rips through the trees, splintering them to toothpicks.  It
        burrows underground, and resurfaces, always closing upon Ash.

236     ASH                                                             236

        jerks upon the reins and his steed leaps a fallen tree.  He
        gracefully leaps a second tree.  But as he leaps over the third,
        he is ripped off the horse by a low branch.  He falls hard to
        the mud as the horse gallops off.

        He groggily stands and stumbles onward.

237     THE EVIL FORCE                                                  237

        follows Ash down a wooded trail.

238     ASH                                                             238

        running for...

239     EXT. WOODEN SHED                                                239

        a grain storage house in the clearing ahead.

240     ASH                                                             240

        comes upon the shed's door.  Locked.  He heaves his body against
        it but it won't give.

241     INT. SHED - CLOSE ON INTERIOR DOOR                              241

        A log, that serves as the door's bolt, holds fast.

242     THE EVIL FORCE                                                  242

        emerges from over the ridge.

243     ASH                                                             243

        unscrews his iron hand and holsters it.  He slings the chainsaw
        from his shoulder and snaps it onto his stump bracket.  Click.
        He threads the chainsaw starter cord through the V-SHAPED SLOT
        that extends from his breastplate.                                                   245

        draws closer.

246     INT. SHED                                                       246


        halfway through the log.  Sawdust flies.

247     EXT. SHED                                                       247

                  Come on!  Come on!

        The chainsaw dies. He jerks out his arm to restart it. Putt.

                  Blasted piece of junk!

248     THE EVIL FORCE                                                  248

        draws closer.

249     ASH                                                             249

        delivers a mighty kick to the door.

250     INT. SHED                                                       250


        The partially cut log gives way.  Ash tumbles into the storage
        shed. He slams the door shut and slides the remainder of the
        log across the latch, re-bolting it.

251     THE EVIL FORCE                                                  251

        Hammers at the door of the Shed.


252     INT. SHED                                                       252

        A terrified Ash braces his back against the door.


        Earth shaking in its intensity. The planks of the door shudder
        behind Ash.

253     CLOSE ON LOG BOLT                                               253

        It cracks.

254     ASH                                                             254

        presses himself against the door for all he's worth, praying
        that whatever it out there, won't get in.

        BANG!  Splinters fly.

255     CLOSE ON LOG BOLT                                               255

        BOOM!  The crack widens.

256     THE DOOR FRAME                                                  256

        behind Ash begins to buckle beneath the hammering blows.

257     ASH                                                             257

        begins to SCREAM.  And the BANGING halts.

258     LONG SHOT - INT. SHED                                           258

        All is quiet.  Ash hugs the door. Shaking in the silence.  And
        that's when it hits.  LIKE A LOCOMOTIVE!

        Ash and the door he braces are blasted away from the wall of
        the Shed as the Evil Force brings it's tremendous power to bare.

259     INT. SHED - SAM-O-CAM - INTERVOLOMETER                          259


        as they are swept up at super speed in the grip of the Evil
        Force.  Ash is seen rocketing through the long hallway of the
        Shed, spinning head over heels.  Ash rips through other doors,
        taking them with him. Ash is now sandwiched between two doors
        as he flies through the air.

260     EXT. SHED - SIDE SHOT                                           260

        The roof of the shed ripples, sending tiles and wood beams
        flying as the EVIL FORCE surges through the shed like a tidal

261     EXT. REAR DOOR OF SHED                                          261

        It blows out from the place in a flying stack along with the
        other doors.  The flying doors slam against a tree and fall to
        the ground in a stack.

262     THE EVIL FORCE                                                  262

        with Ash out of sight, glides forward, into the woods.

263     EXT. SHED- DUSK                                                 263


        All is quiet.  We hear the sound of a bolt moving. The doorknob
        turns slightly.  The door swings upward and opens... reveang wheel slowly turns with a squeak.

265     INT. MILL                                                       265


        enters the Mill.

                  Anybody here?!

        The place is quiet. Ash slumps down against a wall to catch his

                  This place'll do for the night.
                  Get the book in the morning.

266     INT. MILL - THREE SHOTS - INTERVOLOMETER                        266

        Shadows lengthen on the floor and stretch across the walls.

267     ASH                                                             267

        peers through the window.

268     EXT. MILL - LONG SHOT THE SUN - DAY                             268

        a gigantic ball of fire as it sets behind the Mill.  The wind
        kicks up.

269     INT. MILL                                                       269


        listens as the cabin CREAKS like an old ship beneath the force
        of the gale.

270     THE WOODEN SHUTTERS                                             270

        on the window quietly KNOCK.  Ash shivers and rubs his arms for

                  Damn this cold.

271     ASH                                                             271

        looks about the Mill and spots an iron stove.

272     GASOLINE                                                        272

        pours out of Ash's chainsaw over some logs in the stove's belly.

273     ASH                                                             273

        lights the fire with his Zippo lighter and huddles near the
        flame for warmth.

                  'least I won't freeze to death.

        He turns to a tiny sound.

274     WIDE SHOT - ASH                                                 274

        behind him, through the window, a large gnarled hand sweeps

275     ASH                                                             275

        spins, raises his shotgun and fires.


        The window is ripped away in a shower of glass.

276     ASH'S P.O.V. - THROUGH THE BROKEN WINDOW                        276

        Only the night woods.  The "gnarled hand" comes back, sweeping
        down in front of the broken window, but it's revealed to be just
        a tree branch swaying in the wind.

277     ASH                                                             277

        reloads. He moves to the front door and peers out through a

278     ASH'S EYEBALL                                                   278

        through the crack in the door.

279     ASH'S P.O.V. - THE WOODS BEYOND                                 279

        CAMERA pushes through the crack to the woods beyond.  There is

280     LONG SHOT - EXT. MILL                                           280

        The tiny figure of Ash steps from the Mill.

281     CLOSE UP - ASH                                                  281

        He sweeps the barrel of the shotgun toward the sound of sticks

282     ASH'S TERRIFIED HORSE                                           282

        It rears up on it's hind legs. It's front hoofs come down toward

283     A STARTLED ASH                                                  283

        leaps aside just in time.

284     ASH                                                             284

        snags the horse's reigns.

                  Easy, boy.

        The horse calms.  Ash ties it to a tree, patting it wind slams the front door of the
        Mill, halting Ash's view. Ash races for the Mill.

287     INT. MILL                                                       287


        races through the door and toward CAMERA when...SMASH...Ash's
        reflection shatters. He's run into a mirror. Shivering, he picks
        himself up from the pile of broken glass. He moves to the
        fireplace and hunches before the flames, CAMERA PANS TO....

288     THE SHATTERED MIRROR PIECES                                     288

        Each piece of mirror reflects an image of Ash.  From the eight
        pieces of mirror spring...

289     EIGHT TINY ASHES                                                289

        Two inch high versions of himself.  They leap from the mirror
        fragments and land on the floor.

290     ASH                                                             290

        is unaware of them as he kneels close to the fire.

291     TINY ASH #1, #2, AND #3                                         291

        grab a discarded dinner fork.  Like men on a battering ram, they
        race forward to jam it into Ash's buttocks.

292     ASH                                                             292

        SCREAMS in agony and jerks forward, banging his head into the
        stove pipe.

293     TINY ASH #4, #5, AND #6                                         293

        lift the barrel of the shotgun in Ash's direction.  Another
        leaps upon the shotgun's trigger. BOOM!

294     ASH                                                             294

        barely dives away from the blast the would have taken his head

295     THE TINY ASHES                                                  295

        SHRIEK with uncontrollable laughter.  They jump away from the
        shotgun and scurry off across the floor.

296     ASH                                                             296

        pulls the fork from his buttocks and heaves it.

297     TINY ASH #1                                                     297

        is running for his life, as fast as his tiny legs will carry

298     TRACKING SHOT - THE FORK                                        298

        a giant projectile as it ROARS AT CAMERA. PAN with it as it
        WHOOSHES past.


299     THE FORK                                                        299

        skewers tiny Ash #1 to the wooden wall of the mill.

300     ASH                                                             300

        stumbles over a broom handle that has been thrust out in front
        of him by other tiny ASHES.  His head slams into a stove pipe.
        He crumples.  He lands with his cheek pressed against the hot
        stove.  SSSSSSssss.  He pries his face loose with a spatula.

301     A BUCKET OF GREASE                                              301

        is pushed off a high shelf.


302     IT LANDS ON ASH'S HEAD                                          302

        and spills slippery grease about the floor.

303     ASH                                                             303

        with an upside-down bucket on his head, slips and falls, back
        and forth on the grease.  He stands and tries to dislodge the
        bucket.  He trips over the broom handle, again thrust in his
        path.  He falls backward, onto a crochet basket with knitting
        needles jutting from it.

304     BUCKET-HEADED ASH                                               304

        SCREAMS and jerks upward, slamming his bucket head into the
        stove pipe.  CLANG!  Ash rips the bucket from his head then yanks
        the needles from his buttocks.  He lookstally" elbows the log and Tiny Ash
        #2 into the stove's fire.


307     TINY ASH #2                                                     307

        is burned alive.

308     ASH                                                             308

        glances downward at the pitter patter sound of tiny feet.

309     TINY ASH #3                                                     309

        is dashing across the open expanse of floor.  Ash's gigantic
        foot comes down to crush the little man.  Tiny Ash #3 raises
        a rusty nail into the path of the descending foot.


310     THE NAIL RIPS                                                   310

        through Ash's shoe.

311     ASH                                                             311

        jerks his leg upward in pain.  Ash dances about the place
        hopping on one foot, HOWLING. He strays into the greasy area
        of the floor and stumbles over the broomstick again thrust in
        his path, swung there by Tiny ASHES #6, #7 and #8. He almost
        regains his balance when he strays into the oil patch, falls,
        and hits his head on the stone floor. BLACKNESS.

312     ASH                                                             312

        awakens on the floor of the Mill, like Gulliver he is bound with
        tiny ropes.  Directly above him, on the edge of a table...

313     TINY ASHES #4 AND #5                                            313

        suspend Tiny Ash #6 by his legs.

314     TINY ASH #7 AND #8                                              314

        stand atop Ash's face.  They push from either side of his
        nostrils, plugging his nose.  Ash's mouth opens as he gasps for
        air.  As he inhales...

315     SUSPENDED TINY ASH #6                                           315

        is released.

316     TINY ASH #6 - SLOW MOTION - WIND FAN                            316

        He free falls for a moment, then the tiny body arcing to form
        a perfect swam dive, plunges down into Ash's opened throat.

317     ASH                                                             317

        inhales the living beast whole.  He chokes violently.  He breaks
        his bonds an he hacks for breath.  He puts his finger down his
        throat, trying to make himself vomit up the little man, to no

        He looks about to crush some of the little ASHES but they are
        gone.  He places his hand on his stomach and dizzily stumbles
        to a chair.  He goes pale.

                  Nasty little thing's inside me.

        He stands indignant but double over in sudden pain.

                  Well let's see how you like a
                  little hot water!

        He grabs the hot kettle from the stove and pours the scalding
        contents painfully down his throat.  He sets down the kettle
        and waits for a moment.  A tiny SCREAM emits from Ash's stomach


        emits a bark of LAUGHTER. He clutches as his chest.  Then his
        arm.  He rips back his shirt sleeve.

318     CLOSE ON ASH'S ARM - STOP MOTION ANIMATION                      318

        We can see the outline of Tiny Ash #6's body squirming down
        Ash's arm, just beneath the skin.

319     ASH                                                             319

        watches in horror as...

320     THE TINY FIGURE                                                 320

        squirms down his wrist and disappears into his iron hand.  The
        Iron hand snaps open and closes uncontrollably. The possessed
        iron hand swings at him.

321     THE IRON HAND              that BONK-BONKS him on the head.
        Ash is groggy as he is grabbed by the hair and yanked down into
        the opened vice.

323     THE EVIL IRON HAND                                              323

        cranks the vice's handle.

324     THE VICE                                                        324

        tightens around Ash's head.  Trapped, he looks to...

325     THE EVIL HAND                                                   325

        rummaging through a wooden toolbox.  It comes upon a crude wooden

326     ANGLE - THE EVIL HAND - UNDERCRANKED                            326

        stabs rapidly at Ash's good hand.  But Ash expertly dodges each
        stab with an opening of the fingers or a closing of the thumb
        is super fast motion.

327     ASH                                                             327

        with is head still wedged in the vice.

                  Why you dirty little...AHHHHHH!!

328     A PAIR OF IRON PLIERS                                           328

        has entered frame and clamps down upon Ash's nose.  He emits
        a nasal SCREAM and shakes the pliers loose.

                  Soon as I get out of this thing
                  I... YIEEEE!!


        dip into Ash's mouth and clamps down upon a back molar.

                  No!  Not the teeth!


329     THE EVIL HAND                                                   329

        jerks his rear MOLAR from his head and holds up the tooth for
        his inspection.  It sets the tooth down nearly in front of him.
        The Evil hand forms a fist and crushes the tooth to dust.  It
        scurries from view.

330     ASH'S HEAD                                                      330

        struggling in the grip of the vice.

                  Where the hell are ya!?

331     THE EVIL HAND                                                   331

        grabs a red hot fireplace poker from the fire.

                  I can't see ya!!


        raises a red hot fireplace poker and presses it against the
        right half of his body.

                  No, no--not the poke--


332     ASH                                                             332

        jerks his head free from the vice with a SCREAM.  He holds up
        his iron hand.  It's back to normal.  Again under his control.

                  Okay then.

        But he halts abruptly as he feels a strange sensation: His
        shoulder itches.  He scratches it.  The Itch grows.  It itches
        madly.  He rips back his shirt.  Upon his shoulder... THERE

333     THE CAMERA RACES INTO THIS HIDEOUS SIGHT                        333

        It is the eyeball of EVIL ASH.  Beneath it, a mouth and nose
        begin to take shape on the surface of Ash's back.

334     ASH                                                             334

        SHRIEKS and SHRIEKS and races out of the mill.  The CAMERA
        follows him in docu-horror style as he flees into the dark

335     EXT. WOODS - 12MM LENSE - NIGHT                                 335


        staggers about in a frenzy, stumbling over logs and through the
        brambles.  He races up to the CAMERA and cries out as this
        protrusion upon his shoulder becomes more pronounced.

                  Dear God, it's growing bigger!

336     THE PROTRUSION SWELLS AND GROWS LARGER.                         336

        It's taking the shape of a twin human head as it em                                           337

        Staggers through the woods like a drunkard, the two identical
        heads trading insults, and sharply butting against one another.

338     THE BAD ASH HEAD                                                338

        opens it's mouth and bites the nose of the Good Ash head.

339     THE GOOD ASH HEAD                                               339

        retaliates by gouging the eyes of the Bad Ash head.

340     TWO HEADED ASH                                                  340

        collapses against a tree.  Under the light of the full moon we
        see a terrifying sight:

341     TWO ADDITIONAL ARMS                                             341

        sprout from Ash's body!

342     A LEG                                                           342

        rips out of his stomach.  Another foot POPS out from his back.

343     TWO HEADED ASH                                                  343

        Like a human spider he scurries about the forest floor,
        propelled by his four arms and four legs.  Suddenly he stands
        and SHRIEKS as the EVIL ASH begins to pull away from the first.
        He literally splits into two.

344     SPLIT SCREEN - WIDE SHOT                                        344

        When it's over, there are two ASHES.

        GOOD ASH and...

345     BAD ASH.                                                        345

        They square off beneath the moonlight.

346     HIGH SHOT AS THE TWO ASHES                                      346

        circle one another like wolves.

                            GOOD ASH
                  What... are you?  Are you me?

                            BAD ASH
                  WHAT... ARE GOO?  ARE GOO ME?!!  You
                  sound like a jerk!

                            GOOD ASH
                  Why are you doing this?!

                            BAD ASH
                  Wanna know?  'cause the answers
                  easy. It's cause I'm the bad Ash,
                  and yer...

347     EVIL ASH                                                        347

        Dances a funny jig around Ash.  He SMACKS Ash across the face
        as he sings:

                            EVIL ASH
                  ...Little goody two-


        , little goody two-


        , little good--

348     EVIL ASH                                                        348

        the shotgun barrel is suddenly shoved into his frame, pointing
        at his nose.


        The blast blows Evil Ash off his feet.

349     WIDE SHOT - EVIL ASH - STUNTMAN                                 349

        blown backwards into a double backflip.

350     EVIL ASH'S BODY                                                 350

        slams against a tree, upside-down. Then slides to the ground,
        quite dead.

351     GOOD ASH                                                        351

        clutching the smoldering shotgun.

                            GOOD ASH
                  Good...Bad...I'm the Ash with the

352     LONG SHOT - ASH                                                 352

        staring down at the body of his evil self.

                  I know better than to bury you

353     EXT. MILL WHEEL - LONG SHOT - NIGHT                             353

        The giant blades of the Mill are illuminated with bright flashes
        of lightning.  The wind kicks up leaves as Ash throws the body
        of his Evil Twin onto a workbench at the base of the windmill.
        The giant blades of the mill arc down into frame wi.

356     CHAINS ARE PULLED TIGHT                                         356

        across the body of Evil Ash to secure it.


357     THE CHAINSAW                                                    357

        is switched on.  It spews a plume of blue exhaust.

358     ASH                                                             358

        falters for a moment as he stares down at the form of his Evil
        twin.  He grits his teeth... and lowers the saw to the grisly

359     EXT. NIGHT SKY - BLOOD RED CLOUDS                               359

        float past the moon.  We hear the distant WHINE of the chainsaw.

360     EXT. GRAVEYARD - NIGHT                                          360


        with shovel in hand, drags a bloody burlap bag from the Mill.
        Grunting, he pulls the remains of his Evil twin to the base of
        an old Oak Tree in the graveyard.

        Ash mumbles nervously to the bloodies burlap bag at his feet
        as he digs a grave.

                  Now you see what's what.  Man's
                  body is his own personal property.
                  Don't anybody try to take that
                  away from him.

361     ASH                                                             361

        finishes digging and lifts the bloody burlap sack.  As he heaves
        the bag into the grave, the Evil Ash head spills out.

362     INT. GRAVE - THE EVIL ASH HEAD                                  362

        It's eyes pop open!  It peers up at Ash from the grave.  It

                            EVIL ASH HEAD
                  You'll never get that Book. I will
                  come back for you.

                  Hey, what's that you got on your

                            EVIL ASH HEAD

363     CLOSE SHOT - THE EVIL DEAD                                      363

        It's eyes dart, looking for something on it's face when a
        shovelful of dirt is heaped atop it.

364     EVIL ASH HEAD - P.O.V. - EYEMO                                  364

        as a shovelful of dirt is heaped atop the CAMERA.

365     ASH                                                             365

        buries it deep.  He raises a crude burial marker high above his

                       (muttering under his
                  Rest in pieces.

366     ASH                                                             366

        backlit by the moon, brings the burial maker swiftly into the
        grave. A flash of lightning reveals...

367     THE GRAVEYARD                                                   367

        in the distance. A burial place of evil. The old mill wheel
        GROANS in the gale.

                  This must be it. The cemetery.

368     ASH                                                             368

        moves toward the cemetery.

369     ASH'S P.O.V. - THE CEMETERY                                     369

        In the center, lies a massive slab of black stone.

370     ASH                                                             370

        draws closer, his teeth chattering as the wind blasts at him.
        He glances down to...

371     ASH'S P.O.V. - TRACKING SHOT - SKULL                            371

        sitting atop the ground, leering up at CAMERA with empty eye
        sockets. The wind whistles through the empty skull.  The jaw
        bone drops open with a squeak.

372     CLOSE ON ASH                                                    372

        His hair is whipped up by the wind. He looks to...



        arrives at the foot of the massive stone.

375     UNDERCRANKED - THE STONE                                        375

        Atop it sits... THE BOOK OF THE DEAD.

376     CAMERA PANS REVEALING...                                        376


377     CAMERA PANS AGAIN REVEALING...                                  377

        A THIRD!

378     CAMERA RACES BACK AT SUPER SPEED TO REVEAL:                     378


379     A BAFFLED ASH                                                   379

        steps close.

                  Wait.  Three books?  Nobody said
                  anything about that. Ha!  That
                  Wiseman was so busy fillin' me
                  fulla his secret words and phrases
                  and, and, his... bullshit, he
                  forgot to mention anything about
                  that.  Like do I take all of 'em
                  of one or 'em, or what?  Well...

        He reaches for the first book and opens it.

380     ANGLE ON                                                        380


        To reveal a black hole.  SCREAMS ERUPT from the dark abyss of
        the Book. It begins to suck things into it.

381     CLOSE ON BOOK OF THE DEAD - BACKWARDS MOTION                    381

        dead leaves and mist are sucked into the book.

382     ASH - MAKE-UP APPLIANCE                                         382

        Wind hits Ash's face as he feels the suction of the book growing

383     ASH'S HAND - PUPPET                                             383

        is stretched as it's pulled down into the book.

384     LONG SHOT - ASH PUPPET                                          384

        Ash's arms stretch down into the book's black page.

385     ASH'S PUPPET HEAD                                               385

        stretched and screaming, is also pulled on by the book.

386     ASH PUPPET                                                      386

        A taffy stretched version of Ash struggles against the pull of
        the black hole. He pulls free and snaps the book shut.

387     INTERVOLOMETER SHOT - ASH                                       387

        His face vibrates like jello until it finally snaps back to

                  Woah.  Wrong book.

        He turns to study...

388     THE TWO REMAINING BOOKS                                         388


        tries to decide between them.  At first he's sure which one it
        is.  Then, chiding himself for being so easily duped, chooses
        the other.

389     THE BOOK                                                        389

        moves ever so slightly as he reaches for it.


        Ash reaches for it again and the book bites him!

390     THE BOOK OF THE DEAD - PUPPET                                   390

        Rodent teeth have appeared on the surface of the Book.  The Book
        flaps it's pages and becomes airborne, flying right at CAMERA
        like a bat!

391     BATBOOK P.O.V. - CAMERA RIG - UNDERCRANKED                      391

        Swooping erratically around Ash's head.

392     THE BATBOOK                                                     392

        shrieking, chases Ash around, pecking at his neck.

                  Dear God, help me... ahhh!!!

        The Batbook is pecking at his eyes!

393     ASH                                                             393

        pulls it from his face and throws it. It lands back on it's

394     ASH                                                             394


        It's cover is bound in the dried skin of a man's face!  Two empty
        eye sockets stare out from it.  This is the Book of the Dead...

396     ASH                                                             396

        bristles in fear.

                  Okay.   The words.  Say the words.
                  KLATOO!... VERATA...  uh...  Uh...
                  Necta... uh... Nectar...
                  Necktie... uh...

        He hesitates, then calls out boldly.

                  KLATOO... VERATA...

        He deliberately muffles the last word that he can't remember.
        The wind stops.  It seems to have worked.  He looks about with
        growing confidence.

                  Okay then.

        But he loses his smile as... a LOW RUMBLE is heard on the

397     LONG SHOT - CEMETARY                                            397


        A tiny figure among the gravestones which tremble and one by
        one are thrust from the earth.

                  Hey, wait a minute. Everything's
                  cool!  I said the words!  I did!

398     EXT. CASTLE - NIGHT                                             398

        A violent storm in the distance.  Lightning flashes.

399     INT. CASTLE COURTYARD - NIGHT                                   399

        A DOOR

        blows open revealing Wiseman John.  He looks at the gathering
        storm with foreboding.

                            WISEMAN JOHN
                  Something is amiss.

400     HORSES IN THE CASTLE GROUNDS                                    400

        WHINNIE in hear. Sheila steps into frame and stare fearfully
        out at the storm.

401     EXT. CEMETARY - NIGHT                                           401

        ASH runs for his horse, clutching the Necronomicon.

402     A BONEY HAND                                                    402

        rips up from a grave and grabs his leg!

403     ASH                                                             403


404     THE BOOK OF THE DEAD                                            404

        is knocked from Ash's hand.

405     ASH                                                             405

        reaches for it when a SECOND skeleton hand rips from the ground
        and clutches his face.

406     THE FIRST SKELETON HAND                                         406

        digs into Ash's mouth.  It jerks his face sideways to show

407     A GROUP OF SIX ROTTED ARMS                                      407

        that rip from the ground!

408     THE SKELETAL HANDS                                              408

        toss Ash to...

409     THE ROTTED ARMS                                                 409

        grab Ash's head and bang it on a rock.  Two of the six arms try
        to shake and slap some sense into him. A rotted fist is waved
        at him.  Another rotted arm backhands him. The arms thrust his
        face toward the skeleton hands.

410     THE SKELETON HANDS                                              410

        curl boney fingers, clenching them into fists.

                  No.. no more...

        The skeletal fists pepper Ash's face with punches.

                  Leave me alone!  Leave me aHUUU!

411     THE SKELETAL FINGERS                                            411

        last out and snag Ash's tongue between their boney pincers,
        shutting Ash up.  With his tongue held, he tries to speak again,
        but the other ske ears and gouge his eyes.

413     ASH                                                             413

        open his mouth wide with in a SCREAM!

414     SIDE SHOT - COLLAPSIBLE SKELETON ARM                            414

        The boney fist is thrust into Ash's screaming mouth up to the
        skeleton's boney elbow.

415     EXTREME CLOSE SHOT - ASH'S EYES                                 415

        They bulge as he swallow the arm.

416     STOP MOTION ANIMATION                                           416

        A ROTTED ARM

        rips through the ground, punching Ash in the stomach.

417     SIDE SHOT - COLLAPSIBLE SKELETAL ARM                            417


        jerks backward, vomiting out the skeletal arm.  He tumbles to
        the ground.

418     THE ARMS                                                        418

        reach for him, but he is too fast.  He stamps on one of the
        skeletal arms, pinning it to the ground.

                       (in a snarl)
                  Keep you damn filthy bones outta
                  my mouth.

        SNAP!  He breaks the boney arm in two and runs away from the sea
        of limbs. A bone arm rips from the grave and reaches for the
        Book of the Dead but Ash scoops it up first.  He leaps over
        another set of groping arms that rip from the ground!

419     ASH CLIMBS                                                      419

        atop the horse. He glances back in fear to see...

420     EXT. CEMETARY - OLD OAK TREE                                    420

        The burial site of Evil Ash. A bolt of lightning strikes the
        grave marker.

421     EVIL ASH'S BURIAL MARKER                                        421

        is thrust from the ground. A hand breaks the surface of the

422     EVIL ASH'S BODY PARTS                                           422

        fly up from the grave and assemble themselves into a lopsided,
        decayed version of EVIL ASH!

423     EXT. MILL - NIGHT                                               423


        stares in horror at his evil self. All around, skeletons rip
        from the earth and shriek as they come back to life!

424     A FEARFUL ASH                                                   424

        kicks the horse and rides off.

425     EXT. MILL - LONG SHOT - NIGHT                                   425


        galloping back the way he came. In the distance we see the
        cemetery. More bodies arise from the ground.

426     EXT. WOODS - ASH - NIGHT                                        426

        Now far from the danger but still he rides hard.

                  I'm through bein' their garbage
                  boy.  I did my part of the

        He pats the saddlebag, where the book is and grins.

                  Now they owe me.  Like in the
                  deal.  I want back.

        He whips his horse...

                  HA!  GIIDDUP NOW!!

        ...and rides off into the darkness.

                                                DISSOLVE TO:

427     EXT. CASTLE - LONG SHOT - NIGHT                                 427


        A tiny figure, rides toward the castle.

428     EXT. CASTLE WALL - NIGHT                                        428

        GOLD TOOTH and two guards stand atop a tower and shout down to
        the gatekeeper.

                            GOLD TOOTH
                  Open the gates. The Promised one
                  has returned!

429     EXT. CASTLE - NIGHT                                             429


        swings down.

430     ASH                             s horse as he dismounts. There are excited shouts from
        the villagers

                  The stranger has returned!  He's
                  brought the book!

432     INT. CASTLE COURTYARD - NIGHT                                   432


        is led to the THREE WISEMEN.

                            WISEMAN JOHN
                  The Necronomicon.  Quickly.

433     ASH                                                             433

        pours a bucket of water over his head and begins drinking.

                            WISEMAN JOHN
                  Did you bring the Necronomicon!

434     ASH                                                             434

        slurps down more of the water, averting his eyes from the

                  Yes. It's just that...

                            WISEMAN JOHN
                  Just what?!

                  Nothing. Here

        Ash produces the Necronomicon.

                  Now send be back. Like in the

435     WISEMAN JOHN                                                    435

        takes the book and suddenly goes pale.

                            WISEMAN JOHN
                  No...I sensed something had gone
                  awry. The book's power. It's gone.

436     THE CROWD                                                       436

        murmurs at this bad news.

437     ASH                                                             437

        suddenly looks very guilty. Wiseman John turns to him.

                            WISEMAN JOHN
                  When you removed the Necronomicon
                  from it's cradle, did you speak
                  the words?

                  Yeah.  basically.

                            WISEMAN JOHN
                  Did you speak the exact words?!

                  Well, maybe not every single
                  syllable, no.  But basically I
                  said them.  Yes.

438     WISEMAN JOHN                                                    439

        bows his head, stung by this information.

                            WISEMAN JOHN
                  Dung eating fool!  Thou hast doomed
                  us. When thou misspoke the words
                  the Army of the Dead was awoke.

                  Hey. We had a deal. You told me,
                  you could clean this thing up,
                  once I got you the book. You said
                  there was a passage in there that
                  could get rid of this thing and
                  send me back.

                            WISEMAN JOHN
                  The passage is useless to us as
                  long as these evil dead walk. They
                  have a terrible desire for this
                  book. And they shall come here
                  to get it. Once in their
                  possession, the Evil shall rule
                  the Earth for one thousand
                  years...Because of you...we are

                  You wanted the damn book. You got
                  yer book. I did my part of the

                            WISEMAN JOHN
                  We did strike a bargain. I will
                  return you to your own time as

                  Yeah. Well good. That was the
                  deal.  So uh...when do you think
                  we can...

439     ASH                                            e...

441     ASH                                                             441

        sees Sheila, but looks away, consumed with the guilt that he's
        doomed her.

                  The Wisemen were fools to believe
                  that you were the Promised one.
                  That one such as you could have
                  saved us!.

442     ASH                                                             442

        is solemn.

443     ARTHUR                                                          443

        and the others turn away in contempt.

444     SHEILA                                                          444

        moves closer.

                  I still believe that thou wilt
                  help us.

                  No.. They're right.  I screwed
                  up. I didn't come through for you,
                  and...  I'm sorry for it.

                  I still have faith in thee. In
                  my heart I know thou wilt still

                  Sheila... It's over for me. I
                  don't belong here and I'm going
                  home. I didn't have what it took.
                  It's over.

        He bows his head and moves off.

        A high pitched SHRIEK is heard!

445     ALL HEADS                                                       445

        look to the sky.

446     TWO WINGED DEADITES                                             446

        possessed women with bat-like wings, swoop down.

447     TEN VILLAGERS                                                   447

        scream as they flee from the winged beasts.

448     WINGED DEADITE #1                                               448

        Like a delta winged F-15, it banks towards Sheila.


449     ASH                                                             449

        races to intercept.  He plants himself between Sheila and the

450     WINGED DEADITE #1 - POV                                         450

        As it swoops at Ash.

451     ASH                                                             451

        opens his steel hand, then clamps it closed again on the handle
        of his sword.

452     ASKEW ANGLE                                                     452

        The immense shadow of the broad winged Deadite falls over Ash.

453     ASH                                                             453

        swings his sword upward.

454     CLOSE SHOT - THE BLADE                                          454

        severs the tip of the Beast's rotted wing.

455     THE FLYING DEADITE                                              455

        shrieks in pain as it soars over Ash. No longer aerodynamically
        sound, it crashes to the ground.

456     A GROUP OF WARRIORS                                             456

        fire their arrows into the beast, pegging it to a tree.  The
        bone white eyes of the creature darken.

457     ASH AND ARTHUR                                                  457

        spin to the sound of a woman's SCREAM.

458     SHEILA                                                          458

        in the clutches of WINGED DEADITE #2.

                  M'Lord Ash!  Help me!

        The beast flies off with the fair maiden, soaring over the
        castle wall and into the distance.

459     ASH                                                             4            gathered in the wilderness and
                  come this way.

                  How far from here?

                  But two days ride.

                  Then these winged ones are only
                  the first of them.

                  Perhaps we should go from this
                  place while we can.

                            GOLD TOOTH
                  We could be safe in the mountains.

                  Yes!  To the mountains!  We must flee!
                  They'll take our souls!

461     ANGLE ON                                                        461


        All eyes look to...

462     ASH                                                             462

        who stands on a high castle wall, clutching his smoldering

                  Go ahead and run.  Run home and
                  cry to mama.  I'm through runnin'.
                  I stay we stay and fight.

463     ARTHUR                                                          463

        takes a challenging step forward.

                  How will we stop an army of the
                  dead at out castle walls?  How will
                  you fight that?!  With more words?
                  Most of out people have already
                  fled.  We are but forty men.

                  We'll get Henry the Red and his
                  men to fight with us.

                  We shall not stand in battle,
                  alongside the likes of him. Our
                  honor will not allow it.

                  Then you'll die.  Honor and all.
                  Now who's with me?

464     THE CROWD                                                       464

        is silent as they consider Ash's words. Then from the rear, the
        Village Blacksmith steps forward.

                  I'll stand by you.

465     A WARRIOR                                                       465

        steps forward. Then another.

                            WARRIOR #7
                  You may count on my steel.

                            WARRIOR #8
                  And mine!

466     THE CROWD                                                       466

        steps forward vowing their allegiance to the cause.

467     ARTHUR                                                          467

        reluctantly joins them.

468     EXT. GRAVEYARD - STOP MOTION ANIMATION - NIGHT                  468

        EVIL ASH

        directs teams of skeletons to dig at the graves.

                            EVIL ASH
                  Dig!  Dig faster!  I want every black
                  hearted, worm infested, son of
                  a bitch that ever died in battle!
                  We'll storm their castle and take
                  the book!  Then my lads, eternal
                  life shall by ours!

469     STOP MOTION ANIMATION - THREE SKELETONS                         469

        hoist up a stone casket from the ground and with rusted swords
        pry it open, releasing another skeleton who stands to join their

470     TWO ARMORED SKELETONS                                           470

        push a bruised Sheila to her knees before Evil Ash.

471     CLOSE ON SHEILA                                                 471

        looking up to Evil Ash in fear. His boney finger comes down into
        frame and strokes her lovely cheek.  She pulls away i                 thing?

        His boney digit caresses her lips.

                  Don't touch me!  You foul thing!

                            EVIL ASH
                  Your gonna learn to live me missy.

                  The Promised one will come for


        yanks her to her feet.

                            EVIL ASH
                  Darlin' I'm gonna save him the

        He clutches her squirming body in a boney embrace.

473     EXT. GRAVEYARD - LONG SHOT                                      473

        Silhouetted by the large full moon, Evil Ash forces his kiss
        upon Sheila.  Around them, the skeletons sharpen their swords
        on tombstones.

                                                DISSOLVE TO:

474     EXT. VAST VISTA OF BARREN LAND - DAY                            474

        Ash rides toward the castle of Henry the Red that can be seen
        in the distance.

475     WIDE SHOT - ASH                                                 475

        is suddenly intercepted by FOUR OF HENRY'S HORSEMEN.  They
        surround him.

                            HENRY WARRIOR #1
                  He wears the insignia of Arthur!

                            HENRY WARRIOR #2
                  Slay him!

        The draw their swords when...

476     HENRY THE RED                                                   476

        rides up between his warriors and Ash.

                  Stay your arms!

        Henry turns to Ash.

                  T'is the stranger who spared me
                  from the pit. What brings you?

                  The Army of the Dead.

                  What of them?

                  They're headed towards Arthur's
                  castle. We need your help. Fight
                  with us.

                  So you are a vassal of Arthur now?
                  You have taken up sides with him
                  against me.

                  The only side I'm takin' is the
                  one that's gonna stop those

        Henry laughs.

                  Why should I endanger my people
                  to save my enemy?

                  Because after they finish with
                  Arthur they'll come after you.
                  Together, we've got a chance.
                  Besides, you owe me.

477     EXT. A CRAGGY MOUNTAIN TOP - NIGHT                              477


        ride side by side on skeletal steeds.  Sheila lifts her black
        veil, revealing bone white eyes, set into a face now the texture
        of cracked leather.  She looks with admiration to...

478     EVIL ASH                                                        478

        He is general of the army of Deadites. He thrusts a rusted sword
        into the air and shouts in a gritty voice:

                            EVIL ASH
                  Who rules?!

479     WIDE SHOT - ONE HUNDRED ARMORED SKELETONS                       479

        raise their swords into the air with a shout.

480     EXT. CASTLE - DAY                                               480


        stand atop the castle wall and sound their trumpets!  CAMERA PANS
        to reveal...

481     THE 1973 DELTA 88 OLDSMOBILE                                    481

        being pulled by a team of men and horses, inside the castle
        walls.  Ash is behind the

483     THE DELTA'S ENGINE                                              483

        is shattered.

484     ASH                                                             484


485     ASH AND THE BLACKSMITH                                          485

        pour molten iron into a large sand mold.

486     THE SAND                                                        486

        is brushed away revealing gear wheels.

487     HAMMERS                                                         487

        beat upon red hot iron, fashioning helicopter like rotor blades.

488     THE BLACKSMITH'S STOVE                                          488

        is lowered into the Delta's engine compartment.

489     EXT. CASTLE COURTYARD - DAY                                     489


        walks along, inspecting a line of forty medieval warriors who
        stand at attention. He halts before a warrior and stares hard
        at him. The Warrior glances towards Ash.

                  You eyeballin' me boy?

                            WARRIOR #9
                  No, M'Lord.

                  I can't hear you!

                            WARRIOR #9
                  NO, M'LORD!!

                  You squeekin' like a mouse!  Are
                  you a mouse boy?!

                            WARRIOR #9
                  NO, M'LORD!

                  Where you from, mouse?!

                            WARRIOR #9
                  I hail from the village of Perth.

                  Only two things come from Perth:
                  steers and queers. Which are you?

490     EXT. MOUNTAIN - DAY                                             490


        takes charcoal from a dead fire and chips of dried cow dung.
        He mixes them with sulfur.

491     THE BLACK POWDER                                                491

        is bound up in a small satchel and affixed to an arrow.

492     GOLD TOOTH                                                      492

        lights the fuse with a torch.

493     ASH                                                             493

        draws back and releases the arrow. ZING!

494     THE ARROW                                                       494

        imbeds in a wooden post and EXPLODES. Large pieces of wood are
        sent flying.

495     ARTHUR'S WARRIORS                                               495

        watch in awe.

496     EXT. CASTLE LOOKOUT TOWER - DUSK                                496


        is rung madly.  The signal for battle stations.

497     A WARRIOR                                                       497

        rides in through the castle gates screaming:

                  They're coming!  The Deadites

498     INT. CASTLE COURTYARD                                           498

        A look of shock and fear on all the faces.  ASH comes into
        frame.  CAMERA CRANES UP with him as he scales the ladder to
        the lookout tower. He peers out to the darkening horizon.

499     ASH                                                             499

        hears them before he sees them: The sound of clicking bones.
        Painful moans of tortured souls, the clanging of approaching

500     ASH'S P.O.V. - THE HORIZON                                      500

        Fifty distant silhouettes of the Evil Dead appear on the
        horizon.  Then fifty more.

501     EXT. BATTLEFIELD TRACKING SHOT                                  501

        THREE KILTED SKollow skulls.

503     SKELETON #2                                                     503

        takes a leg bone upon a third skeleton's ribs. A bone xylophone.
        A bone-o-phone.

504     SKELETON #3, #4 AND #5                                          504

        blow into arm bones forming woodwind section.

505     FOUR VIKING SKELETONS                                           505

        CAMERA TRACKING with these helmeted skeletons as they march.
        They are clad in rusting suits of armor, wielding swords and
        spears.  Nasty grins on their faces. One hobbles past on his
        wooden leg.

506     EVIL ASH AND SHEILA                                             506

        ride their steeds to a halt atop a hill.

507     A SKELETON AND DEADITE CAPTAIN                                  507

        ride alongside Evil Ash and salute him sharply.

                            SKELETON CAPTAIN
                  M'Lord!  We are positioned on both

                            EVIL ASH
                  Where are they keeping my book?

                            SKELETON CAPTAIN #1
                  Most likely...there, in the
                  castle's keep. It would be the
                  safest place.  It is behind two
                  walls that must be taken first.

                            EVIL ASH
                  Excellent. Proceed.

508     SKELETON CAPTAIN #1                                             508

        With a sweep of his arm, he waves the Army of rot.

                            SKELETON CAPTAIN #1

509     THE MACABRE MARCHING BAND                                       509

        now pound the attack beat on their drums.

510     A LINE OF DEADITES                                              510

        advance toward the castle. Some crouch behind wooden barricades
        which they roll before them.

511     EXT. CASTLE - ATOP THE WALL                                     511




512     TWELVE ARCHERS                                                  512

        pull back arrows on their bow strings.  Each arrow has a small
        charge of black powder attached to it.

                  Torch boy!

513     A TORCH BOY                                                     513

        runs behind the archers, lighting the fuses on each of the
        powder charges. As the last arrow is lit....

514     ARTHUR                                                          514

        looks to the approaching army.

515     THE LINE OF DEADITES                                            515

        rolls their wooden barricades closer.

516     ARTHUR                                                          516

        turns to Ash for the signal.

517     ASH                                                             517

        holds up a finger.  He waits.

518     TWELVE ARCHERS                                                  518

        strain, their bows taut with the explosive arrows.  The sound
        of the FUSE BURNING is loud.

519     THE BURNING FUSES                                               519

        about to disappear into the powder charges.

520     ASH                                                             520

        waits one more beat.  The turns to Arthur.



521     TWELVE ARCHERS                                                  521

        fire a volley of smoking arrows.

522     SMOKING AND SPUTTERING ARROWS                                   522

        rain           524

        are pierced by the explosive arrows.  BOOM!  BOOM!  BOOM!  They burst
        apart in flames.

525     FLAMING DEADITES                                                525

        roll on the ground unable to extinguish themselves.

526     A BURNING SKELETON                                              526

        continues to advance only to collapse into a smoldering heap.

527     THE WARRIORS                                                    527

        CHEER Ash in sensurround.

528     A SCOUT                                                         528

        races up to Ash.

                  M'Lord!  A second division
                  approaching from the South.

529     ASH                                                             529

        turns to the South.

530     A SECOND WAVE A DEADITES                                        530



531     INT. COURTYARD                                                  531


        are wheeled into position.


532     GOLD TOOTH AND OTHER WARRIORS                                   532

        hoist large sacks of black powder onto spoons of the catapults.
        Their fuses are lit.

533     ASH                                                             533

        gestures. Swords slice through lines which send giant sacks of
        black powder catapulting.

534     LONG SHOT - CASTLE                                              534

        Three flaming projectiles whine as they hurl over the castle

535     THREE FALLING SATCHELS P.O.V.'S                                 535

        CAMERA CRANING DOWN toward the skeletons as they look upward
        in horror.

        BOOM!  The first blast takes out a skeleton horse and rider. Bones

        BOOM!  FOUR DEADITES are obliterated.

536     EVIL ASH                                                        536

        turns to the Skeleton Captain #1 who rides alongside him.

                            SKELETON CAPTAIN #1
                  Permission to regroup, m'Lord.

                            EVIL ASH
                  You needn't bother.

537     EVIL ASH                                                        537

        slices off the head of Skeleton Captain #1. He turns to the
        MOUNTED DEADITE next to him.

                            EVIL ASH
                  You are now my captain. I will
                  now allow anything to stop me from
                  possessing the Necronomicon. Get
                  me into that castle.

538     THE NEW DEADITE CAPTAIN                                         538

        gulps and races forward into the ranks shouting:

                            NEW DEADITE CAPTAIN
                  RAM THE GATES!

539     TWO GROUPS OF FOUR SKELETONS                                    539

        use trees as battering rams and batter the large wooden doors
        of the castle.


540     INT. CASTLE - THE CASTLE DOORS                                  540

        begin to buckle beneath the hammering blows.

541     TWO VILLAGE WOMEN                                               541


542     TEN WARRIORS                                                    542

        wedge logs to buttress the buckling castle doors.

543     EXT. CASTLE                                                     543

                            EVIL ASH

544     A ROW OF SIX SKELETAL ARCHERS                                   544

        fire a volley of arrows. As they reload. Behind them...

545     A SECOND LINE OF SIX SKELETAL ARCHERS                           545


547     INT. CASTLE                                                     547


        fall to the courtyard. Villagers lift them away on stretchers.

548     ARTHUR                                                          548

        shouts to Ash:

                  Where is Henry?!

                  He'll be here.

                  I think he will not. But know
                  this.  No matter how this battle
                  fares, I was wrong to think you
                  a coward.

549     EXT. CASTLE                                                     549

        The battering rams rips through the doors and the army of
        darkness pours into the courtyard.

550     A LEGLESS SKELETON                                              550

        crawls in with a knife in its teeth.

                  They're coming in. What now?!

551     ASH                                                             551

        looks terrified. He turns and runs from the castle entrance,
        dropping his sword, and hides in the blacksmith's shop, pulling
        the door closed behind him.

552     ARTHUR                                                          552

        shocked at Ash's cowardly desertion, turns to his men and

                  Fall back!  Man the Parapet!  Protect
                  the book or God save us all!

553     THE WARRIORS                                                    553

        retreat across the courtyard to rope ladders that scale the

554     ARTHUR'S MEN CLIMB ATOP THE PARAPET                             554

        The rope ladders are hastily pulled up, leaving no access.

555     INT. COURTYARD - SIX OF ARTHUR'S WARRIORS                       555

        are stranded in the courtyard. They fight for their lives but
        are quickly overcome.

556     EVIL SHEILA                                                     556

        takes out the last of the stranded warriors with her sword.

557     EVIL ASH                                                        557

        smiles at Sheila. He turns his attention to the guarded tower
        just beyond the parapet.

                            EVIL ASH
                  The book shall be mine!

        He raises his rusty sword.


558     TWELVE EVIL DEAD                                                558

        storm the parapet with three crudely built wooden ladders as
        large rocks rain down upon them from above.

559     TWO WARRIORS                                                    559

        push away ladder #1.

560     FOUR SKELETONS ON LADDER #1                                     560

        swing away from the wall and crash to the ground.

561     TWO SKELETONS ON LADDER #2                                      561

        leap onto the parapet and battle the men with swords.

562     WARRIOR #2                                                      562

        knocks the deadite off the ledge and shouts back toward Arthur.

                            WARRIOR #2
                  We can't hold this wall much

563     A DEADITE ARROW                                                 563

        pierces his armor and he falls to his death.

564     INT. COURTYARD                                                  564


        looks up as he hears...

        CHUG!  CHUG!  CHUG!

565     DEADITE'S P.O.V.                                                565


        88 Oldsmobile. A steam engine
        is mounted to it's center to power the craft. At the front and
        rear are spinning, helicopter like rotor blades.

567     GOLD TOOTH                                                      567

        shovels coal into the Deathcoaster's furnace.

568     ASH                                                             568

        is at the helm. He pulls a cord.

569     THE DEATHCOASTER'S STEAM WHISTLE                                569

        SCREAMS to announce its birth.

570     THE VIKING DEADITE                                              570

        is cut to ribbons by swirling blades.

571     THE VILLAGERS ATOP THE PARAPET                                  571


572     EVIL DEAD                                                       572

        at the base of the ladders look up in horror to see...

573     THE STEAM DRIVEN ROTOR BLADES                                   573

        slicing through two Deadites at once. The cow-catcher in front
        pushes aside the halved Evil Dead.

574     ASH                                                             574

        operates a crude instrument panel with only two levers to steer
        the craft. It's a bumpy ride.

575     WIDE SHOT - THE DEATHCOASTER                                    575

        Thwop!  Thwop!  Two more skeletons bite the dust.

        leathery hands pluck a SCREAMING Gold Tooth from the craft.

576     GOLD TOOTH                                                      576

        disappears beneath the squirming corpses. A moment later he re-
        emerges as a skeleton himself, except for the single gold tooth
        that shines against the white of the bone. He stands and joins
        the Deadites.

577     EVIL SHEILA                                                     577

        leaps onto the moving Deathcoaster to face Ash.

                            EVIL SHEILA
                  Thou didst find me beautiful once.

                  Honey...You got real ugly.

578     EVIL SHEILA                                                     578

        attacks with a SHRIEK!

579     ASH                                                             579

        spins out his double barreled shot gun and...


        ...blows her off the craft. She does a back flip into the other

580     ASH                                                             580

        pulls hard on the steering stick and it tears loose from the

581     THE DEATHCOASTER                                                581

        careens out of control.

582     ASH                                                             582

        tumbles from the helm and hits the ground.

583     THE DEATHCOASTER                                                583

        flips, crushes a group of Deadites against a wall, and explodes.

584     ASH                                                             584

        picks himself up from the dust. He looks upward to...

585     LADDER #2 - ARTHUR                                              585

        attempts to push the ladder away. A sword comes up into frame,
        stabbing Arthur. He is yanked to his death with a shriek!  Evil
        Ash, with his bloody sword, leaps up from the ladder and onto
        the parapet. He's headed for the Book of the Dead.

586     BELOW IN THE COURTYARD - ASH                                    586

        races to a set of ropes and pulley that ascend the parapet. Two
        deadites come at him. He grabs the rope with his steel hand and
        slices one end of it with his sword.

587     ABOVE HIM - A NET OF BOULDERS                                   587

        plummet down atop the two deadites, crushing them.
        Simultaneously, Ash is tanked upward b

589     EVIL ASH                                                        589

        approaching the Necronomicon.

590     ASH                                                             590

        kicks aside a hay bale and removes a mini-crossbow with four
        flame tipped arrows, loaded and ready. He fires.

591     A FLAME ARROW                                                   591

        imbeds in Evil Ash's leg and ignites his body. Another flaming
        dart hits his shoulder blade. The flames consume his body. He
        burns and SHRIEKS!

592     ASH                                                             592

        watches in horror as...

593     THE FLAMES RECEED                                               593

        revealing a bone white skeleton with mismatched eyes. SKELETAL
        EVIL ASH!  It races at Ash with a SHRIEK.

594     ASH AND EVIL ASH                                                594

        bring their swords together with such great force that sparks
        fly.  Ash is forced back against the stone pedestal that holds
        the Necronomicon.


        With a deft stroke, Ash's sword is flung from his hand.

595     ASH'S SWORD                                                     595

        imbeds in a wooden beam.

596     EVIL ASH                                                        596

        grabs the Necronomicon, then swings his sword at Ash.

597     ASH                                                             597

        grabs a burning iron torch from its mount.

598     ANGLE ON                                                        598


        Man and Skeleton battle with flaming torch and sword.

599     ANGLE ON                                                        599


        The torch is knocked from Ash's hand. It falls over the edge
        of the wall and lands in the courtyard below. It ignites a fuse.

        The burning fuse leads to a sack of black powder. The sack sits
        upon the spoon of a catapult.

600     ABOVE...                                                        600


        swings his sword. Ash leaps over the blade. The Skeleton swings
        downward, and Ash side steps it.

601     ASH                                                             601

        rabbit punches CAMERA.

602     CLOSE ON SKELETON HEAD                                          602

        Ash's fist bursts out all it's rotted teeth.

603     ASH                                                             603

        delivers a right hook, spinning the skeleton's head around in
        a circle.

604     THE SKELETON                                                    604

        gives Ash a backwards roundhouse kick to the face. Ash tumbles
        over the edge.

605     ASH                                                             605

        falls to the courtyard below, alongside the catapult. He glances
        at the burning fuse.

606     EVIL ASH                                                        606

        leaps from the parapet and lands atop the catapult. The Skeleton
        looks down at Ash with a nasty grin of bone.

607     SKELETON ASH                                                    607


        He gestures to the Evil Dead that overrun the parapet and now
        battle the last twenty of Arthur's warriors for control of the

608     ANGLE ON SKELETON ASH                                           608

                            SKELETON ASH
                     GUARD (O.S.)
                  Duke Henry's men!  They've come!

610     ASH AND THE SKELETON                                            610


        A jubilant CHEER rises from the castle as...

611     DUKE HENRY THE RED AND FIFTY OF HIS MEN                         611

        thunder down the hill, across the drawbridge and into the castle
        courtyard to attack the Deadites!

612     THE SKELETON - ATOP THE CATAPULT                                612

        turns back to Ash and raises his sword for the kill.

613     ASH                                                             613

        has grabbed a sword from a fallen warrior. With a single motion
        he slices the hand that holds the Necronomicon from Skeleton

614     ASH                                                             614

        snags the book with one hand and on the backswing, slices
        through the rope, springing the catapult.

615     THE SKELETON AND BURNING SATCHEL                                615

        are flung over the castle wall.

616     HIGH SHOT - LOOKING DOWN AT CASTLE                              616


        rockets up past camera, waving its boney arms. The burning
        satchel follows.

        BOOM!  The skeleton is blown to bits in mid air.

        A CHEER goes up within the castle courtyard as Henry's Warriors
        crush the last of the Deadites.

                                                DISSOLVE TO:

617     GLORIOUS BEAMS OF MORNING SUNLIGHT                              617

        streak over the horizon. Ash enters frame. He holds the
        Necronomicon as he looks wearily out over the battlefield.

618     LONG SHOT - THE BATTLEFIELD - MORNING                           618

        Smoking skeletons lay scattered. Henry and Arthur's Warriors
        work together. They toss the deadite bones and armor into a

619     CLOSE SHOT - TWO DEADITE SKULLS                                 619

        engulfed by flames, crack in the heat.

                                                DISSOLVE TO:

620     EXT. SEASHORE - ARROWHEADS - DUSK                               620

        are dipped into the flame of a bonfire.  They ignite.

621     THE INTEGRATED ARMY OF HENRY AND ARTHUR'S MEN                   621

        Form a row of archers.

        They fire their flaming arrows toward the sea.

622     THE ARROWS                                                      622

        strike a wooden ship that holds the body of Arthur.

                            ASH (V.O.)
                  We said goodbye to Arthur.  Sure
                  we had our problems.  But in the
                  end, he was all right.

                                                DISSOLVE TO:

623     EXT. SEASHORE - DUSK                                            623


        watch the funeral pyre sail off.  It's flickering flames play
        upon their faces.

                                                DISSOLVE TO:

624     INT. CASTLE COURTYARD - NIGHT                                   624

                            ASH (V.O.)
                  Peace was made between the two
                  peoples.  And a new nation was
                  formed.  They offered my a chance
                  to stay among them and teach them.
                  A chance to lead them.  To be
                  King.  But Sheila was gone.
                  Besides, I had places to go.


625     THE WISEMEN                                                     625

        mix a vat of liquid over a fire as they recite a passage from
        the Necronomicon.  A flask is dipped into the liquid.


        hands the flask of liquid to Ash.

                            WISEsix drops, and thou shalt
                  awaken in thine own time.

                            ASH (V.O.)
                  Yeah.  Right...

        Ash takes the flask and studies it.

                  ...but what other choice did I

                                                DISSOLVE TO:

626     EXT. CASTLE - LONG SHOT - DAY                                   626


        rides off.

                            ASH (V.O.)
                  I had to find a place to crash.
                  For a very long time.

627     EXT. CAVE - DAY                                                 627


        with the aid of his horse, drags the Deathcoaster inside the

        He sets the horse free.


        It gallops off.

628     INT. CAVE - DAY                                                 628


        Places a black powder charge at the mouth of the cave.  He
        ignites the fuse and climbs into the car.

                            ASH (V.O.)
                  I locked the door.

629     INT. MOUTH OF THE CAVE                                          629


        The powder charge blows.  The cave's entrance is sealed shut
        with an avalanche of rock.

630     INT. CAVE - DEATHCOASTER                                        630

        The car headlights come on, piercing the blackness.

631     INT. DEATHCOASTER                                               631


        uncorks the flask filled with the Wiseman's brew.

                            ASH (V.O.)
                  I closed my eyes.

        He lets six drops fall into his mouth.  One for each century
        he must sleep.

                            ASH (V.O.)
                  I took a drink.

        Ash is unaware that an extra drop has fallen into his mouth!  A
        7th drop!  Ash swallows the liquid.

                            ASH (V.O.)
                  I didn't know if it was day or
                  night. I started... to get
                  drowsy... And I slept...

632     ASH                                                             632

        falls into a deep slumber.

                                                DISSOLVE TO:

633     THE DEATHCOASTER'S HEADLIGHTS                                   633


                                                DISSOLVE TO:

634     CLOSER ON ASH'S SLEEPING FACE                                   634

        now in a different position. Time has passed. He needs a shave.

                  ...And dreamed.

635     THE HANDS ON ASH'S WRISTWATCH                                   635

        wind faster and faster, then halt and rust in time lapse
        photography. The leather band rots away and the watch falls from
        Ash's wrist.

636     THE SUN                                                         636

        rises then sets.

637     THE MOON                                                        637


638     A CRACK                                                         638

        forms along the surface of the aging rock wall.

                            ASH (V.O.)
                  Dreams last lasted centuries.

639     A BARREN TREE                                                   639

        sprouts buds, they swell forming leaves which change to the
        brilliant colors of fall then drop.

640     A FROST                                                         640

        covers Ash.

641     ICICLES                                                         641

        on the ceiling of the cave melt.  The water droo the mouth of the cave. He digs
        at the rocks that block the cave's entrance.  Sunlight streams
        into the hole he has created.

643     EXT. HILLSIDE                                                   643


        climbs from the cave and steps into the sunlight.

                            ASH (V.O.)
                  And when I awoke...

644     ASH                                                             644


645     A FUTURISTIC CITY -                                             645

        after the next Nuclear war: a dead land.

646     ASH'S P.O.V.                                                    646


        lays sprawled on its side.  The time of mankind's death frozen
        on the cracked face of the clock.

647     A SHATTERED BRIDGE                                              647

        abruptly ends, a third of the way across a river it once
        spanned.  Upon it, rest heaps of futuristic, yet rusted taxicabs
        piled eight deep in some places.

        CAMERA PULLS BACK from a stunned Ash, amidst the atomized pieces
        of iron and bone.

                  ....I found that I had slept too

648     ASH                                                             648

        is so small a dot now, and so far away, that we almost can't
        hear his terrified SCREAM!

                                                CUT TO BLACK.

                                     THE END.