Bling Ring, The

                           THE BLING RING

                             Written by

                           Sofia Coppola

                                                    Shooting Script

                                               White March 06, 2012
                                       Blue Revision March 16, 2012

  Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.


1   EXT. HOLLYWOOD HILLS MANSION - NIGHT                             1

    A Toyota parks and five teenagers get out and walk towards
    us, down a quiet residential street in the Hollywood Hills.

    One of them, a slightly drunk girl in a pale blue Juicy sweat
    suit stumbles.

                        DRUNK GIRL (NICKI)

                        GIRL 1 (REBECCA)
              C'mon. Hurry up.

    They come to a gated home. A girl that seems to be the
    leader, leans down and pulls on an unraveling part of the
    bottom of the chain link fence.

    She rolls under, and the others follow.

    A loud song kicks in as they put their sweatshirt hoods up in
    unison and turn around and walk backwards toward the house.

    They've done this before, they have it down.

    One checks under the mat of the front door, we follow them as
    they go around to the back, checking doors, and find a back
    window open.

    A guy gives Girl 1 a lift up, we see her bright underwear as
    she climbs inside into a laundry room.

    She runs around to open a side door for the rest, and they
    slip inside.
    Once inside, we follow REBECCA into a bedroom dressing area.
    She is the 17 yr-old Korean-American ring-leader, who is
    totally cool and composed.

    She looks over her shoulder at the others with a raised eye-

              Let's go shopping!

    And she pulls open the closet door.

    CLOSE UP: grabbing Louis Vuitton bags.

    A drawer opens with a few Rolexes, that are scooped in to a
    Louis Vuitton duffle bag.

1    CONTINUED:                                                    1

     An underwear drawer is opened, and picked through.

     A medicine cabinet is opened, a hand grabs bottles of
     prescription pills and dumps them in a bag.

     We see the other kids grabbing things and loading up bags.

     Rebecca puts on a hat she finds and looks at herself in a
     mirror posing, then gets back to it.

                                                          CUT TO:

2    EXT. HOLLYWOOD HILLS MANSION - NIGHT                           2

     The kids exit with their hoods up, carrying out the Louis
     Vuitton bags and other loot, as much as they can carry.

                                                          CUT TO:
     The kids make their get-away:

     One girl, NICKI leans over and throws-up on their way out.

     They get into the Toyota and peel out.

2A   MAIN TITLES - MONTAGE:                                         2A


     CLOSE UP: flashbulbs go off.

     Titles intercut with montage of Mug shots of attractive
     teenagers and news clips.

     We see a clip of black & white video surveillance of the
     kids' approach to the house walking backwards with hoods up.
     Pan across a row of Louboutin platform heels.

     We see the glittery view of Hollywood at night.

     CLOSE UP: a Facebook page of a party photo of Rebecca in the
     hat we saw her try on earlier.

     Pan across a pile of quilted Chanel bags.

     T.V. image of a starlet on the red carpet posing for

     CLOSE UP: on a stack of shiny diamond necklaces.

                        Revised Blue - 03/16/12                 4.
2    CONTINUED:                                                   2

     A Facebook page with party photo of one of the girls, Chloe
     in a slutty outfit, with tattooed thug, and the quote "Wanna
     smoke a bluuuunt".

     Pan across Calabassas McMansions.

2B   EXT. COURTHOUSE                                                2B

     Slow motion- MARC, 16, stylish and good looking, dressed in a
     black suit and sunglasses, walks outside the courthouse like
     a movie star flanked by paparazzi.

     Music and titles end on:

2C   EXT. COURTHOUSE                                                2C

     NICKI, 17, pretty brunette with long hair, sunglasses and lip
     gloss talks to a reporter:

               I am a firm believer in Karma, and
               I think this situation was
               attracted into my life as a huge
               learning lesson for me to grow and
               expand as a spiritual human being.
               I see myself being like an Angelina
               Jolie, but even stronger, pushing
               even harder for the universe and
               peace and for the health of the
               planet. I want to lead a huge                             *
               charity organization. I want to                           *
               lead a country for all I know.                            *

                                                     CUT TO BLACK
     We hear an alarm clock go off.
     Title: 1 year earlier

                                                         CUT TO:

3    INT. NICKI AND SAM'S BEDROOM - MORNING                         3

     Nicki and Sam, also pretty, slutty and 17, are waking up in a
     messy teenage bedroom.

     Clothes are all over the floor, a knot of duvet covers part
     of a girl, with legs sticking out, we can see a lotus blossom

3   CONTINUED:                                                 3

                        LAURIE (O.S.)
              Girls, time to get up!

    Sam struggles to sit up, she's in a tight tank with bed head.
    She rolls her eyes.

              Oh my lord, you were so out of
              control last night.

              What about you! You were all over
              that old guy, the manager...

    Sam laughs.

              Oh yeah. He was totally perving

    She starts to slip into skinny jeans.

4   INT. KITCHEN - DAY                                            4

    Laurie, Nicki's mom, pretty ex-playboy model in her 40's in
    Juicy sweatpants and a tank top, gets breakfast ready.

    She opens a cabinet as she calls up to them. A little Yorkie
    nips at her heels.

              Girls! Time for your aderall! Let's

    Emily, 13, sleepily sits down for some cereal.
              Mom, they got home so late last

    Laurie with wide eyes and a forced calm voice answers her.

              That's none of your concern, I'll
              handle it.

    She calls up to them again.

                         LAURIE (CONT'D)

    Nicki and Sam wander down to breakfast, disheveled.

4   CONTINUED:                                                 4

                        LAURIE (CONT'D)
              What time did you get home last


              You know it's a school night.

              We know...

    Laurie tries to sound cheerful and in control.

              Let's have our morning prayer and
              then we'll meet in the living room
              at eight to start today's lesson on
              the laws of attraction, OK?

    They join hands as Laurie enthusiastically leads them in her

                        LAURIE (CONT'D)
              My chief aim in life is to
              continually strive to express my
              greatest potential as a spiritual
              human being and contributor to the
              greater good for our planet and all
              those who live on it. I know that
              I have the ability to reach my aim
              in life, by persistent action and
              that the thoughts of my mind will
              reproduce themselves in outward
              physical reality.
              I will channel my energy towards my
              aim in life with graciousness and
              loving kindness to myself and

                        LAURIE AND GIRLS (IN UNISON)
              And so it is.


                                                       CUT TO:

4A   INT. MARC'S ROOM - DAY                                         4A

     Marc gets dressed for school. He looks at himself in the
     mirror, anxious to start a new school.
     He gets his things together.

5    EXT. INDIAN HILLS SCHOOL - DAY                                   5

     Marc is being dropped off by his mom, Debbie in a modest car.
     Kids are entering school for the day. They're the burn out

               Have a great day.


               I hope you like it here. It always
               takes a little time to get settled

               Yeah. Ok, thanks, Mom.

     He heads in to school.

     As he walks up, he can feel kids looking at him.

     He sees bunches of kids in groups checking him out.

                                                          CUT TO:

6    INT. CLASSROOM - DAY                                             6

     Marc enters the full classroom. He looks for a seat, kids
     stare at the new kid.

     A Mexican Goth girl glares at him as he finds a seat in the

     The students all look like rejects.

                                                          CUT TO:

7    INT. SCHOOL HALLWAY - DAY                                        7

     The bell rings and kids come out of their classes.

7   CONTINUED:                                                  7

    Marc comes out of a classroom and looks for his locker.

    We overhear a girl complaining to her friend.

                        SCHOOL GIRL
              I can't believe it, someone hacked
              into my account and changed my
              password to cheeze it.

                        SCHOOL GIRL 2
              No way, that sucks.

    The girl bumps into Marc at his locker as she passes.

                          SCHOOL GIRL
              Watch it.

    Rebecca, dressed casually like an off-duty Hollywood starlet,
    looks over at Marc. She closes her locker.

              Hey, new kid.

    Marc looks up, as she saunters over.

                        REBECCA (CONT'D)
              You got Shamus for English?


              He's the worst. He's a real perv.

              Oh ok, I'll watch out, thanks.
    He laughs, grateful to her for bonding.

    They walk down the hall.

              Where you headed?

              Gym, where's that?

              It's down here... Where are you

7   CONTINUED:                                                    7

              Agoura Hills, but I was away for a
              year, did home school...

              Bummer. How'd you end up in the
              drop-out school?

              I got kicked out of the last school
              for too many absences. What about

              For having `substances' you're not
              suppose to have at school.

    She smiles slyly.

                        REBECCA (CONT'D)
              See you later.

    She splits off...then turns back to him.

                        REBECCA (CONT'D)
              Hey, you want to come to the beach
              after school?

              Yeah, sure.

    We walk with Marc, he smiles to himself.

                                                      CUT TO:

8   INT. CHLOE'S S.U.V. - DAY                                     8

    Marc, Rebecca, and her friend Chloe, 17, a rich Calabasas
    wanna be thug, drive on the PCH in the smoky car.

    Chloe sings along to some rap song like she's from the hood.

                                                      CUT TO:

9   EXT. BEACH - LATE AFTERNOON                                   9

    Marc, Rebecca, and Chloe hang out watching the waves, smoking
    a joint. There are other kids around, hanging out.

9   CONTINUED:                                              9

              I just have to graduate, so I can
              go to F.I.D.M. - Fashion Institute
              of Design, the Hills girls all went

              Cool, and then intern at Teen

              Totes...and then have my own line,
              and fragrance, host a show...

              Yeah, I'd like to have my own
              lifestyle brand.


    Some girls walk by.

                        BEACH GIRL
              Yo wassup, Chloe.

              Yo, Bitch.

                        BEACH GIRL
              You going to Karly's later?


                        BEACH GIRL
              Ok, see you.


    The girls pass by.

              My mom and her douchey husband are
              out of town, if you guys want to
              come over later?

                                                    CUT TO:

10   INT. REBECCA'S HOUSE - NIGHT                                 10

     Music is playing. Kids roam around with beers.
     Some kid is smoking out of a big bong, and singing along to a
     hip hop chorus.

     In a bedroom, Rebecca's older sister SARAH, 19, is selling
     little baggies of coke.

               It's Fifty.

               Oh c'mon.

               You want it or not?

     She dangles the baggie like a treat.

     He takes it.

                           SARAH (CONT'D)

               Fuck off.

11   INT. REBECCA'S ROOM - NIGHT                                  11

     There's a bulletin board of fashion tears and pictures of
     young starlets- Rachel Bilson, Lindsay Lohan, Audrina
     Patridge, some Victoria Secret models.

     Rebecca smokes a cigarette, while she and Marc flip through
     magazines. They look at pages of starlets in gowns on the red
     In the background, the TV is on with random celebrity culture

     There's a page of `Tweets of the Week' including a picture of
     Demi Moore posing in a bikini in her bathroom.

               I can't wait to get out of here.

               Is your mom away a lot?

               Yeah, she goes on trips a lot for

11   CONTINUED:                                             11

               For what?

               She has a chain of student tutoring

               And you're at Indian Hills?

                         REBECCA (LAUGHS)
               Yeah, I know, exemplary student...
               That's so cute, I love that dress.
               I love Chanel.

     She points at a picture.

               Yeah, and the shoes are nice...but
               she needs to get some better

               I know, right? Are those Prada?

               No, Dior.

               Really?   Hey, what do your parents

               My mom doesn't work, my dad works
               for a film distribution company,
               they do a lot of stuff overseas..
               Oh cool, he's in the `biz'..

     's cool. I get to go to
               screenings and stuff.

               Nice...oh she's so cute.

               But enough with the patent leather
               accessories, they look cheap.

               Yeah, totes...

11   CONTINUED:                                                11

     She smiles.

                                                       CUT TO:

12   EXT. REBECCA'S HOUSE - NIGHT                                 12

     Kids hang around drinking and smoking, some jump in the pool.

               Hey, wanna check some cars?

               What's that?


     They walk out the gate.

                                                       CUT TO:

13   EXT. VALLEY GATED COMMUNITY - NIGHT                          13

     Marc and Rebecca are on an affluent suburban street.

     They walk down the sidewalk casually under the street lights.

     Rebecca checks to see if a car's door is open. It's not, she
     goes on to another. She opens the door of a Lexus, and finds
     a small purse in door side pocket, she takes it.

               Sweet. C'mon.
     They keep walking and she tries another few cars, until she
     finds another open door. She looks around and finds some cash
     and a credit card.

               No way!

               Let's go.

     And they head back casually, and cut off into some bushes.

               That's crazy.

13   CONTINUED:                                                   13

               Yeah, people leave them open with
               cash and credit cards...

     They walk off into the darkness, smoking cigarettes.

                         REBECCA (CONT'D)
               Look, we got like 400 bucks...

     They disappear into the night.

                                                      FADE OUT

14   EXT. INDIAN HILLS SCHOOL - DAY                               14

     Marc walks out of school to see Rebecca leaning against her
     car waiting for him.

               Want a ride?

     She has a sly Cheshire cat smile. He smiles and gets in.

15   INT. REBECCA'S AUDI - DAY                                    15

     They drive in the valley.

               I love that mix you sent me.

               Oh, cool, anytime...
               Where are we going?
               Wherever we want...

     She lifts and eyebrow.


               Do you know anyone that's out of

               Uh, this kid Evan I met online,
               their family went to Jamaica, why?

15   CONTINUED:                                                 15

               I went into an unlocked house a few
               weeks ago and found a bunch of
               cash....where does `Evan' live?

               Woodland hills.

                       (teasing him)
               How well do you know `Evan'?

               We met up a few times...he was
               pretty hot.

     He smiles mischievously.

                                                         CUT TO:

16   EXT. EVAN'S HOUSE - DAY                                       16

     They pull up to a nice suburban house.

               This it?

               Uh huh.

     They walk up casually. They go around to the back of the
     house and find a side door open. Marc follows Rebecca in.

17   INT. EVAN'S HOUSE - DAY                                       17
     Rebecca casually looks around, opening drawers, sitting on
     the furniture. Marc paces nervously.

               Fuck...I think we should get outta

     Rebecca keeps looking through cabinets and drawers calmly.

               It's fine, it's fine...don't freak

     She goes down a hall, Marc nervously follows her.

     In a bedroom, Rebecca opens the closet and tries on a jacket.

17   CONTINUED:                                                17

                         REBECCA (CONT'D)
               What do you think? It's Balenciaga

               Uh, Sure.

     He can't really focus.

     She gets down on the floor and looks under the bed. She pulls
     out a box, and opens it.

               Oh, yeah.

               What is it.

     She pulls out a thick stack of cash and smiles.

                           MARC (CONT'D)
               No way!

                                                       CUT TO:

18   EXT. EVAN'S HOUSE                                            18

     Rebecca gets in a Porsche convertible in the driveway like
     it's hers and starts the engine.

               What the fuck?

     Rebecca smiles, and flips her sunglasses from her head, over
     her eyes, as she lowers the roof.
               Get in.

     Marc gets in.

               Where'd you get the keys?

                      (Super casual)
               I grabbed them on the way out.

     She backs out of the driveway like it's no big deal.

                         REBECCA (CONT'D)
               Hey, call my sister for a bag, will
               you, she won't sell to me.

18    CONTINUED:                                                18

      She peels out.

                          REBECCA (CONT'D)
                How long's Evan in Jamaica?

      They drive off, blasting music, their hair blowing.

                                                        CUT TO:

19    EXT. ROBERTSON BLVD. - DAY                                   19

      Rebecca and Marc strut down the street with big sunglasses
      on, carrying Starbucks and shopping bags.

      They go in to Kitson.

20    INT. KITSON - DAY                                            20

      Marc and Rebecca shop like pros. They're having the time of
      their lives, styling each other and picking stuff out.

      They check out their looks in the mirror, and take pictures.

      They take two small boxes out of a Tiffany & Co. bag and put
      on matching rings.

      At the cashier they put a big pile of stuff on the counter.

                                                        CUT TO:

21    EXT. L.A. STREETS - DAY                                      21

      They speed off in Evan's car, music blasting.

21A   INT. EVANS'S CAR                                         21A

      Marc looks at Rebecca, her hair blowing in the wind. Rebecca
      smiles at him.

                                                        CUT TO:

22    EXT. VALLEY PARTY-POOL AREA - NIGHT                          22

      Music plays as Valley kids hang out, smoke pot, play beer-
      pong. Chloe saunters by.

                          WASTED BOY
                Chloe, marry me!

22   CONTINUED:                                                   22

               Get in line.

     She walks up to Rebecca and Marc

                          CHLOE (CONT'D)
               Beccaaaaaa! Yo, slut we're going to
               Les Deux, wanna go? Nicki and Sam
               are there.

     Rebecca looks at Marc.


                                                         CUT TO:

23   EXT. HOLLYWOOD NIGHT CLUB - NIGHT                             23

     Chloe talks her way in with the cute Mexican door man, ROB.
     Marc follows Rebecca and her. Chloe already seems a little

               Yo, Rob, what's up?

               Hey, Chloe - Come on in.

               Is Ricky here?

               Yeah, he should be around.
                                                         CUT TO:

24   INT. HOLLYWOOD NIGHT CLUB                                     24

     Marc and Rebecca are at a table with Nicki and Sam who are
     dressed in skimpy outfits and lots of lip gloss.

     Nicki, re-applies lip gloss, as Sam sends a text.

     The music is loud and they shout to speak to each other.

     (Note: There is constant texting and photo taking through

     Marc is feeling in his element, this is where he should be.

24   CONTINUED:                                             24

     Chloe sits down, holding some drinks.

               Yo, sluts.

     Nicki leans over to meet Marc.


               `sup...this is my homie, Marc.

               Hi, I'm Nicki and this is Sam.

               Hey, Marc.

               We used to go to school together.

               Are they sisters?

               They've known each other since they
               were like three, they took Sam in,
               I don't know what happened to her

               Oh my god, Jude Law totally keeps
               texting me...I think I'm probably
               going to go meet him later.
               Yeah, I'm sure you're really going
               to hesitate on that one.

     Sam chuckles.

               Bitch, you're just jealous.

               Suck my dick.

               You did text him like fifty times.

               I did not.

24   CONTINUED:                                                24

     Chloe laughs.

     Marc looks around at the glamorous people, he's thinking this
     is the life.

               C'mon Chloe, where's that bottle
               service? Let's get that going.

     Across the room, a blonde starlet air kisses the D.J.

     RICKY, 45, the sleazy club promoter stops by their table.


     Chloe gets up and throws herself around him.


               Hey, baby, you good? You guys have
               everything you need?

               Uh huh.

               Nicki, there are some photographers
               out here for fashion week you might
               want to meet.

               Fo' sho!
               And this dope music manager, and
               some of the entourage producers-
               we've got a real party salad

     An actor, with some friends and a few models, sit nearby.

                         RICKY (CONT'D)
               Ok, let me know if you need

               I'll check with you later, Boo.

24   CONTINUED:                                                 24

     And whispers something naughty in to his ear. He smiles and
     moves on.

     Marc spots Paris Hilton across the room.

               Oh my god, that's Paris Hilton.

               Yeah, totally, she DJs sometimes...

     We see Ricky by a booth near the DJ where Paris Hilton and
     friends sit with a big bottle of Moet-Chandon.

                                                       CUT TO:

     Nicki, Sam and Chloe dance - Nicki and Sam do a sexy sister
     act, throwing their hair around.

     Sam gives Rob, the door guy, a flirty look.

     Marc and Rebecca chill in their booth looking around the room
     like this is it. He takes a picture of them together.

                                                       CUT TO:

25   FACE BOOK PAGE:                                              25

     The computer screen fills the frame as we see Marc updating
     his page with a photo of him and the girls hanging out in the
     nightclub booth.

                                                       CUT TO:

26   INT. MARC'S ROOM - NIGHT                                     26

     Marc lies on his bed thinking about his cool new friends and
     lifestyle, a little smile goes across his lips.

                                                       CUT TO:

27   EXT. INDIAN HILLS SCHOOL - DAY                               27

     Marc struts up to school. Rebecca, Chloe and some kids
     hanging out meet him and they go in together.

               I literally thought I was going to

27   CONTINUED:                                                   27


               Yo, bitches.

               Dawg, wassup?

     Marc hands Rebecca a Starbucks.

               I thought you might want one.

               Oh, you're the best.

     Marc smiles.

                         REBECCA (CONT'D)
               I love your shirt.


     Marc looks over at Rebecca as they walk into school.

     Marc's P.O.V. - we see Rebecca move in slow motion, the wind
     blows her sunlit hair.

                         MARC (O.S.) (CONT'D)
               I loved her, I really did. She was
               the first person I felt like was my
               best friend...I loved her almost as
               a sister, that's what made this
               situation so hard.
                                                       CUT TO:

     T.V. screen: Victoria Secret models preening down a runway
     fill the screen.

28   INT. REBECCA'S ROOM - DAY                                    28

     Marc and Rebecca hang out in her room, looking at magazines
     and stuff on the computer.

     The Victoria Secret show is on the TV in the background.

     Marc is looking at a gossipy website.
     We see on screen: TMZ news of Mischa Barton DUI arrest and
     mug shot.

28    CONTINUED:                                                 28

                Misha Barton got a DUI...Paris
                Hilton is hosting a party Thursday
                night at the Cosmopolitan in

                Where does she live, can you find
                her house?

      Marc types onto the computer.

                2342 Briar Summit...

      He pulls up a Google Maps image of her house, they're able to
      look around it. Rebecca's eyes light up.

                Let's go there!
                Do you think we could find a way

                          MARC (CONT'D)
                Looks like you could get in going
                up the hill behind her house.

                I bet she'd leave her keys under
                her mat.

                                                        CUT TO:

28A   EXT. PARIS' HOUSE - NIGHT                                 28A
      We see over Marc and Rebecca's dark figures, Paris' mansion
      glowing up on a hill.

                                                        CUT TO:

      CLOSE UP: A doormat is lifted to reveal a key on a Swarovski
      crystal pink Eiffel Tower key ring.

29    EXT. PARIS' HOUSE - NIGHT                                   29

      Rebecca and Marc open the door with the key and go in.

30   INT. PARIS' HOUSE                                            30

     They walk in the quiet house and turn on the light, as little
     spider monkeys in a cage jump toward them and screech.
     Rebecca and Marc jump back, he yells. Rebecca glares at him
     to be cool.

               Oh my fucking god.

               They're her pet monkeys. Hi guys.

     She leans forward and makes a cute face at the monkey who
     hisses at her.

     They continue through the house looking around.

     They pass a gilded gold-framed couch with pillows with Paris'
     photo silk screened on them.

     They pass a wall of photos of Paris Hilton and her many
     magazine covers, as they go upstairs. Marc is nervous,
     Rebecca is cool and focused.

     He paces and is on the look out, while she looks for stuff.

               Let's get the fuck out of here.

               It's fine, it's fine...let's keep

     They go into her dressing area. It's a mess, clothes all over
     the floor.
     Rebecca picks up some small purses and finds crumpled fifties
     and hundred dollar bills that she takes.

               She's so messy.

     Rebecca looks through her underwear drawer, takes a bright
     pink bra.

     She takes a Louis Vuitton Camo bag and stuffs some things in

     Rebecca sits on her bed, and looks around.

     Marc paces nervously.

30   CONTINUED:                                                   30

                         MARC (CONT'D)
               C'mon, let's get out of here.

               You're tripping out. This is fine,
               it's ok, why are you tripping out?

     Rebecca casually descends the stairs as if she lives there.
     Marc follows her down, into Paris' night club room.

     There are pictures of her all over the walls, and a stripper
     pole on a little platform. Pink furry pillows line the

     Marc takes a bottle of vodka. Rebecca looks around the room,
     takes it all in.

31   EXT. PARIS' HOUSE - NIGHT                                    31

     They leave, closing the door behind them. They see a security
     patrol car drive by, and jump in some bushes.

     The patrol car stops and flashes a light around the bushes.

     Rebecca and Marc freeze in their hiding spot. Marc is
     freaking out, he thinks this is it for him. He tries to
     breath quietly. Rebecca calmly waits.

     Finally the flashing lights stop, and the car moves on.

     Marc and Rebecca sit in the dark, Marc breaths again.

     They wait for a while.


     They sneak out through the backyard, and run down a hill
     behind the house.

               Oh my fucking god.

     We see them as small figures running across the empty

                                                       CUT TO:

32   EXT. VALLEY PARTY-TENNIS COURT - NIGHT                       32

     Kids hang out, and drink on a tennis court.

32   CONTINUED:                                                   32

     Rebecca and Marc are with Chloe, Nicki and Sam.

               No way, I totally want to go to

               Yeah, it was sweet, we hung out in
               her night club room...I got this.

     She shows them a sparkly diamond tennis bracelet.

               Oh my god, no way.

               You are so sick! O.G. Motherfucker!

     Rebecca laughs, and cheers Marc with their plastic cups.

               No way, how'd you get in?

               Her key was under the mat, it was
               so chill, we just walked in.

               We can all go back, we just have to
               check when she's going out to

                                                         CUT TO:

     A computer screen: Photo of Paris Hilton on gossip website
     that says "Paris hosting Skyy vodka party at LIV in Miami".
                                                         CUT TO:

33   INT. REBECCA'S ROOM - DAY                                     33

     Nicki, Sam and Rebecca try on outfits for Marc, he helps
     style them, while he's looking online, telling them celebrity
     tidbits. Nicki and Sam love taking their tops off...

               Lindsay got another D.U.I... Here
               try this vest with that...

     We see some news footage of Lindsay Lohan with cops on
     computer screen.

33   CONTINUED:                                                33

     Nicki shows Marc an outfit - tight jeans and a vest.

               What do you think?

               Try your hair back.

     She pulls her hair back, and poses for him.

                         MARC (CONT'D)
               Yeah, that looks classy.

               I don't know if I'd go that far.

     Sam puts on a skimpy leopard dress and zebra pumps. Nicki
     looks at her.

               Leopard and Zebra - seriously?


               Yeah, def, you can't wear zebra and
               leopard. You have to choose one.

               Ok, least I don't look
               like I'm thirty-five.

     Sam blows smoke from a joint out the window.

     Nicki is entranced with herself as she puts lip gloss on in
     the mirror. Someone hands her a joint.

               Let's go to Paris', c'mon,

     She takes a drag-pause and then exhales.

                         NICKI (CONT'D)
               I want to rob...

                                                       CUT TO:

34   INT. NICKI'S HOUSE- DAY                                     34

     Nicki sits at a table with a tape recorder in front of her.
     She's dressed like a school girl.

34   CONTINUED:                                                   34

                  (holding back tears)
               I didn't know what they were doing.
               I thought they were my
               all comes back to bad choices, who
               you have as your friends, and I
               know the truth will come out.

                                                     CUT BACK TO:

35   EXT. PARIS' HOUSE - NIGHT                                      35

     Nicki, Sam, Chloe and Marc follow Rebecca as they sneak up
     and go in the house.

     Rebecca opens the door with the key, the bejeweled charm
     dangling from the key ring.

     Sam and Nicki look at each other impressed, and they follow
     her in.

                                                         CUT TO:

36   INT. PARIS' HOUSE - NIGHT                                      36

     They follow Rebecca into Paris' dressing area.

               No way!

     Rebecca opens a closet door and there's a room full of shoes.

                         NICKI (CONT'D)
               No fucking way.
               That's so chill.

               Look at all her Louboutins.

               Her feet are big.

     Nicki and Sam start trying shoes on and grabbing bags. They
     take photos of themselves with outfits on in her closet.

     Sam finds a note and reads it out loud.

36   CONTINUED:                                                  36

               "Ciao Paris, Keep the glamour
               alive! Un Bacio, Donatella."

     Marc puts on a pair of pink heels and runway walks for the
     girls who love it. He grabs a little LV rolling suitcase, and
     does a runway look with it coming around a corner, pulling
     the suitcase in heels and a scarf like a `60s Pan Am

     Rebecca notices something on the far wall of the closet and
     pushes on the back wall of shoes - the wall opens to a secret
     safe room.


     There's an open safe and Rebecca and Marc get down to see
     what's in it, they find cash, some jewelry and naked photos.

                         REBECCA (CONT'D)
               Look at these!

               We could sell these.

               Let me see!

               Oh shit!

               What's all over her?

               Some bad tanner...

     Back in closet area:

     Nicki tries on a pink mini dress, and shows it to them.

               What do you think?
               It's Herve Leger.

     Sam and Chloe scream.

                            NICKI (CONT'D)

     Sam's holding a Louis Vuitton dog carrier.

36   CONTINUED:                                                   36

               There's actually an old dog turd in

               Ew, put that back.

     Nicki grabs a big bag and throws some stuff in it, and walks
     around with it swinging from her wrist like it's hers and
     she's out shopping.

     Rebecca is filling a bag, too... and looking through her

                                                       CUT TO:

37   INT. PARIS' BATHROOM                                         37

     Rebecca opens a pink make-up bag and starts putting on Paris'

     She opens the medicine cabinet. She looks through some
     prescriptions and takes a bottle.

     She puts on some of Paris' pink lipstick and pouts in the

               C'mon let's get the fuck out of

               Alright, a sec.

     They take some more stuff and head down the stairs laughing.
                          REBECCA (CONT'D)
               Oh wait, you have to see her night
               club room.

38   INT. PARIS' NIGHT CLUB ROOM                                  38

     The kids make themselves at home.

     Sam and Nicki goof off on the stripper pole.

     Chloe makes herself a cocktail.

     Rebecca flicks on some party light setting and lounges on a
     sofa with some pillows with Paris' face on them.
     Marc paces nervously.

38   CONTINUED:                                                   38

     Sam is filming Nicki with her phone, she mugs and talks to
     the camera.


     We see Nicki on Sam's phone.

                         NICKI (CONT'D)
               Keep the glamour alive!

     Sam and Nicki take pictures of themselves with a life size
     Paris cut-out.

                                                          CUT TO:

39   EXT. PARIS' HOUSE - NIGHT                                      39

     Laughing, they run down the hill behind the house.

                                                          CUT TO:

40   OMITTED                                                        40

41   INT. HOLLYWOOD NIGHT CLUB -NIGHT                               41

     Rebecca, Marc, Chloe and Nicki are having a great time on a
     busy night at the club.

     Nicki's wearing a pink mini-dress dress she stole from
     Paris'. The others are decked out in stuff they got from
     there as well. Some of them are dancing.
                                                          CUT TO:

     In a hallway, Sam is making out with the hot Mexican door
     guy, Rob.

                                                          CUT TO:

42   INT. CHLOE'S S.U.V. - NIGHT                                    42

     Chloe's driving wasted, with Rebecca and Marc in the car.
     They're blasting music, high from their night.

     -Suddenly Chloe crashes into another car, air bags go off in
     their faces, with that awful sound of a car crash.

42   CONTINUED:                                                   42

     They sit there silent, flashing police lights flood the car
     as a siren blares.

                                                       CUT TO:

43   INT. POLICE STATION - NIGHT                                  43

     Flashes go off as Chloe gets mug shots taken. She has her
     toughest face on.

                                                       CUT TO:

44   EXT. INDIAN HILLS SCHOOL - DAY                               44

     Rebecca and Marc hang out in front of school while Chloe
     brags about how hard core she is.

               Man, I was off the charts, it was
               craaazzay - they didn't know how I
               was driving let alone still alive.

               That's fucked up.

               Yeah, I have to pick up trash for
               fucking forever...

               That sucks...

               What are you guys doing later?
               I don't know, there's a party at
               Madison's...I'll let you know,

                                                       CUT TO:

45   INT. MARC'S ROOM - EVENING                                   45

     Marc's feeling good, listening to music and putting outfits
     together in his room, American Gigolo style, laying out
     combinations on his bed, holding things up in the mirror.

45   CONTINUED:                                                   45

     He gets a text on his phone and looks at it: LET'S GO TO

                                                       CUT TO:

46   OMITTED                                                      46

47   INT. PARIS' NIGHT CLUB ROOM                                  47

     Rebecca and Marc hang out like it's their place. They listen
     to music on the club professional sound system.

     Marc opens a drawer and finds diamond encrusted gun lighter.

     He leans over and lights Rebecca's cigarette.

     She smokes and they look through her stuff. The dog sits next
     to her.

                                                       CUT TO:

48   INT. PARIS' HOUSE FOYER -NIGHT                               48

     As Marc and Rebecca are leaving, the Yorkie sees them out.
     Rebecca picks up the little dog and starts to leave with it.

               C'mon Teacup.

               You can't take her dog.

               She likes me...and I could probably
               get like five hundred for her.

     Marc looks at her like she's too much.

               Come on Rebecca, leave her dog, it
               would be too noticeable anyway.

               Yeah, I guess... bye Teacup.

     She sets the little yorkie down, and they hit the lights.
                          Revised Blue - 03/16/12            34.

49   EXT. PARIS' HOUSE - NIGHT                                   49

     As they leave, Rebecca checks a door handle of an expensive
     sports car on the street. It opens, and she reaches in a door

               Shut the fuck up.

     She holds up a big bag of coke and smiles.

               Oh shit.

                                                       CUT TO:

50   INT. REBECCA'S AUDI - NIGHT                                 50

     Rebecca and Marc drive around singing along to their favorite
     song, high, having the best time of their lives. When the
     song ends, they play it again...and again.

     They take bumps and keep going.

     The music fades down and off (we still see them singing their
     hearts out).

                         MARC (O.S.)
               We were acting insane, but it all
               felt so glamorous and wonderful.

                                                       CUT TO:

51   T.V. CLIP FILLS SCREEN:                                     51

     Coverage of The Hills 3 premier. There are clips of              *
     celebrities posing on the red carpet as flashes go off in
     front of a backdrop with LG logos and other sponsors.

     We see a blonde, with a hand on hip pose, then she turns and
     look at the cameras over her shoulder.

     Then there's an interview with reality T.V. star, Audrina
     Patridge:                                                        *

                         REPORTER (O.S.)
               What are your favorite hot spots in

                          Revised Blue - 03/16/12               35.
51   CONTINUED:                                                   51

               Hot spots? Well, we love Lola's, we
               go there all the time, it's a
               Martini bar, and I like the Dime,
               and we always go to Les Deux, cause
               all our friends are always
     's like the spot to go

                         REPORTER (O.S.)
               So have you toned down the partying
               since you have a boyfriend?...

               Uh, well, sure, a little...

                                                       CUT TO:

52   INT. REBECCA'S ROOM - EVENING                                52

     Rebecca and Marc are watching The Hills premier on TV.

     Marc is also looking at stuff on a laptop.

     His screen is filled with shots of Audrina Patridge in            *
     different looks at various events.
     She's in a bikini in one, a sexy dress, a skimpy naughty
     Halloween costume.

               Oh my god, I literally love
               Audrina's style...can you see where
               she lives?
     Marc types in her name and a few things, and before you know
     it he has a photo and map of her house up on the screen.

               She's going to Demi & Ashton's
               Oscar party Sunday.

     Rebecca smiles.


                                                       CUT TO:

53   EXT. AUDRINA'S HOUSE - NIGHT                                53

     In a wide shot, we see Rebecca and Marc as small figures
     enter a glass house on a hill. They run around and leave
     with bags of stuff.

54   OMITTED                                                     54

55   INT. REBECCA'S ROOM - NIGHT                                 55

     Rebecca, Marc, Sam and Nicki are looking through clothes.
     There are piles of bags and designer clothes on Rebecca's
     Nicki and Sam are squealing and trying things on, Marc is
     styling them, and taking pictures of them posing in their
     `looks'. Nicki puts on some crazy Louboutins. He tells them
     how great they look.

     Nicki and Sam dance in front of the computer screen watching
     as they film themselves.

     Marc goofs off around dancing with them, acting like a big-
     shot pimp flanked by his girls.

                                                       CUT TO:

56   CLOSE ON COMPUTER SCREEN:                                   56

     We see targeting in on a Tudor house in the hills, the camera
     zooms in and shows side views, next to a map.

                                                       CUT TO:

57   EXT. FOX/GREEN HOUSE - NIGHT                                57

     Rebecca, Marc and Chloe approach a house with their hoods on.
     Nicki, Sam and Emily join them.

     Rebecca looks over at Emily.

               Wait. Who are you?

               This is my little sister, Emily.

               Oh. How old are you?

57   CONTINUED:                                                  57


     She looks at her like "old enough".


     They look around, trying doors and windows.

     Rebecca finds a dog door at the back of the house.

                         REBECCA (CONT'D)
               Can you fit through there?

     Emily crawls through, opening a door for the others to come

               I'm staying on look-out.

58   INT. FOX/GREEN - NIGHT                                      58

     The kids go through the closets and drawers, Rebecca opens a
     suitcase on the floor - it's filled with jeans and t-shirts.

     Nicki looks in the closet.

               I like this Rick Owens jacket.

     Nicki throws on the leather jacket, and keeps going.

     Marc hears a sound outside.
               Did you hear that?

               It's fine, it's fine.

               I think I heard someone.

               There's no one outside, calm the
               fuck down.

               I hear helicopters.

58   CONTINUED:                                                  58

               We're in L.A., there are always
               helicopters...don't be such a
               little bitch.

     Rebecca pulls some designer bags off a shelf, as if she hit a
     jack pot.

     Sam looks through racks of clothes as if she's in a boutique.

     Emily tries on shoes.

               Ew, what are these oils for?


     Sam looks through the medicine cabinet and grabs a handful of
     prescription bottles. She reads the labels, tossing anything

               What's Alprazolam?

     Nicki answers from the other room.


               Oh good...

     She drops it in her bag.
     Marc loads up a bag, and paces around, on the look-out.

               Jesus Christ, let's hurry the fuck

                                                       CUT TO:

     Nicki approaches the bed in the master bedroom, and lies down
     on it, feeling what it feels like, looking around.

     She picks up a picture in a silver frame and looks at a
     couple on the beach: Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green.

     Nicki rolls over and off the bed, looking under it, she finds
     a box, and opens it to find a gun.

58    CONTINUED:                                                   58

      She picks up the gun.

                Look what I found!

                Let me see that.

      Sam starts dancing with the gun, waving it around.

                Oh shit, be careful with that
                thing. Is it loaded?

      Sam raises it to her lips teasingly.


                                                           CUT TO:

59    EXT. HILLSIDE - NIGHT                                          59

      The kids run past the glittery view.

                                                           CUT TO:

59A   EXT. CHLOE'S MOM'S CAR                                      59A

      Sam throws her head out the car window and screams in an
      adrenaline rush.

                                                           CUT TO:

60    INT. ROB'S BEDROOM - NIGHT                                     60

      Rob, from the club, is asleep in his bed in the small dark

      Sam climbs in through a window into his room, back-lit from a
      street lamp.

      He looks over and sees Sam dancing around for him in jean cut-
      offs with the gun.

      She climbs on him in bed, and drags the gun over him, he
      grabs her and throws her under him, the gun in her hand goes
      off and fires a bullet into his closet.

      Dogs start barking, and we hear a voice call.

60   CONTINUED:                                                   60

                          ROB'S MOTHER (O.S.)
                Robert? What's going on?

                It's nothing, Mom.

     CLOSE UP: Rob squeezes Sam's wrist, and her hand drops the

     CLOSE UP: He takes off her shorts, her ankles wiggle out of

     She disappears under the sheets.

                                                       CUT TO:

61   INT.   NICKI'S HOUSE- DAY                                    61

     Laurie is bringing out a foam board with magazine photos
     collaged on to it. She's wearing a tight tank top with an
     Indian symbol and brown velour sweat pants.

                Girls, time for school!

     Sam, Nicki and Emily come sit on the coach with sari fabric
     thrown over it and ethnic-looking pillows. Nicki flips up her
     Ray-bans slowly. Sam has messy hair, she looks like she got
     home late. She's eating a bowl of cereal, Nicki's on her

     The room is filled with Buddha statues and Balinese wood
     carved furniture and candles.

     The girls are flipping through magazines.
                          LAURIE (CONT'D)
                Put the phone away...ok you guys,
                today's lesson is about character
                development. In "The Secret" we
                talk about the law of attraction
                and we want to be careful about the
                people we surround ourselves with
                because we become the average of
                those people. So we're going to
                make a visual board of people who
                are demonstrating good character,
                like Angelina Jolie. So what are
                some qualities you admire about

61   CONTINUED:                                                   61

               Her husband.

     The girls chuckle.

               Ok. What else?

               Her hot bod.

               Ok, the bod is not a

               How long do we have to do this for?

               Until we're finished with this and
               then we're going to do some flower
               essence work.

     The door bell rings, and Nicki goes to answer it.

     A young guy delivering water, comes in with big bottles.

                            LAURIE (CONT'D)
               Who is it?

               Water delivery.

     Nicki poses against wall as he passes, flirtatiously. Laurie
     zips up Nicki's hoodie that's showing off her cleavage.
               Ok, back to work.

                                                         CUT TO:

62   INT. REBECCA'S ROOM - DAY                                     62

     CLOSE UP: a computer screen:

     We see news caption: Orlando Bloom's shooting a movie in New
     York, He's with Victoria-Secret model/girlfriend, Miranda

62   CONTINUED:                                                62

                         MARC (O.S.)
               Orlando Bloom's shooting a movie in
               New York, he's there with Miranda

     There's a picture of the actor and model on the red carpet.

     Then we see typed in: Orlando Bloom's address.
     A map comes up.

               I want to get some Victoria Secret
               model clothes.

                     (Chewing gum)
               Let's do it.

                                                       CUT TO:

63   EXT. ORLANDO BLOOM'S HOUSE                                   63

     The gang of them approach a fence, there's some wire fence at
     the bottom that's unraveling, they pull on it and it opens
     enough for them to squeeze through.

     They approach the house and scatter around to find a way in.

     Rebecca opens the front door, it's unlocked.

               You guys.

     They follow her in.
                                                       CUT TO:

64   INT. ORLANDO BLOOM'S BEDROOM - NIGHT                         64

     They sneak into the bedroom and start looking through stuff.

     The girls go through a woman's closet, trying on clothes,
     grabbing stuff.

     Marc opens a drawer in a closet, and finds seven Rolex
     watches and a thick stack of hundred dollar bills. He scoops
     them into a bag.

     CLOSE UP: a girl's hand goes through a drawer of lingerie.

64   CONTINUED:                                                64

     We see a high-tech security camera globe in ceiling, a red
     light turns on.

     Rebecca hangs out on a sofa smoking a cigarette, while she
     looks through a box of photos and trinkets, as if she's at

                                                       CUT TO:

65   INT. ORLANDO BLOOM'S LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                     65

     As they're headed out with all of their loot, Rebecca grabs a
     piece of art off the wall.

               What the fuck are you doing?

               I've got a new room at my Dad's in
               Vegas, I need some stuff to
               decorate it, I might stay with him
               a, hold this.

     She hands him the art off the wall, and rolls up a little rug
     on the floor.

               Are you fucking serious?

     Rebecca gives him a nonchalant look, and takes it out with
     her under her arm, carrying a big bag on her other side.

     Marc watches her and follows her out.

                                                       CUT TO:

66   INT. REBECCA'S AUDI - NIGHT                                  66

     We see their P.O.V. out the windshield on the dark street,
     headlights illuminating their way. It's quiet in the car.

               If I ever became not your friend
               anymore, would you rob me?

               I would never do that to you.

                                                       CUT TO:


     We see Leighton Meister close up and in slow-motion,
     atmospheric music from scene before continues over the image.

                                                         CUT TO:

     Rachel Bilson and Nicole Ritchie sitting at the front row of
     a fashion show on fashion T.V. watching models go by.

                                                         CUT TO:

     Kim and Kourtney Kardashian trying out a stripper pole at
     home on their reality show.

                                                         CUT TO:
     Lindsay Lohan in a skimpy dress exiting a club.

                                                         CUT TO:

68   INT. REBECCA'S ROOM - NIGHT                                   68

     Rebecca is entranced watching a Golden Globes red carpet re-
     cap on the T.V.

     We see styled starlet after starlet pose for cameras, they
     put their hands on their hips, and do over the shoulder looks
     to cameras as flashes go off.

     Amanda Seyfried, Anne Hathaway, Blake Lively, Kim

     A journalist interviews a starlet.

                         JOURNALIST (O.S.)
               Who are you wearing?

               I'm wearing Armani Privee.

               And the jewelry?

               My jewelry is by Chopard.

               And what about your shoes?


68   CONTINUED:                                                68

               Well, you look beautiful, are you
               excited for tonight?

               Thank you, yes, I'm so excited to
               be here.

     And she moves on, and another starlet talks about her outfit.

                                                       CUT TO:

69   INT. MARC'S ROOM - NIGHT                                    69

     Alone in his room, Marc pulls a drawer out from under his bed-
     it's filled with designer clothes and bags. He just looks at
     it all and touches it.

     We see him lying on the bed, with a fur vest as a pillow, and
     stuff out, wearing Paris Hilton's pink patent leather heels.

     There's a knock at the door.

                         DEBBIE (O.S.)

               Oh one second, Mom.

     He scrambles to puts it all away quickly.

                         DEBBIE (O.S.)
               It's time for dinner.

               Ok, I'll be right there.

     He stuffs things back under the bed, and makes a call on his

                         MARC (CONT'D)
               Hey, Chloe.

                         CHLOE (O.S.)
               Yo Home Skillet, what's going on?

               Did you talk to Ricky about the

69   CONTINUED:                                                69

               Yeah, yeah, he's got connects,
               bring them by later.

                                                       CUT TO:

70   INT. NICKI'S HOUSE- NIGHT                                    70

     It's dinner at their house- with Laurie saying grace. Her
     boyfriend, HENRY sits next to her and Sam, Nicki and Emily
     are at the table. Laurie bows her head.

               We look to the universe and Divine
               Spirit to show us the way. I am so
               grateful for this opportunity to
               have dinner together as a family.
               And so it is.

                         GIRLS (IN UNISON)
               And so it is.

     Laurie takes a sip of white wine, and passes a plate.

               So, how did your audition go?

               It was alright.

               I think it went really well, they
               said they want to do a test shoot.

               That's good, that's good.

               What's it for?

               Axe body spray.

               Uh huh.

               And we have a go-see for the BCBG
               runway show!

70   CONTINUED:                                           70

               Great! That's a cute top, is that

     Nicki's shirt has a Chanel logo on it.

               Oh, yeah, our friend Marc, he's a
               stylist, he let us borrow some
               stuff for the auditions.

               Oh, that's nice.

               Yeah, his dad has a production
               company he helps style for.

               Oh, what's it called?

               I don't remember.

               Something -international?

               Mom, can I be excused?

               Are you done?

               Yeah, and I want to finish my
               flower essences.
               Ok, sweetie. I'm thinking about
               doing a silent retreat.

                            SAM (SARCASTICALLY)
               Good luck.

     Sam and Nicki chuckle.

                         HENRY (SUPPORTIVELY)
               I think that's great, honey.

70   CONTINUED:                                                70

               Uh, Mom, we have to get going,
               we're meeting this manager tonight
               who could be really helpful.

               Yeah, He knows a lot of
               photographers...and producers.

               OK, OK, that sounds good. Just be
               back by eleven.

               Uh huh.

     She laughs.

     The girls get up from the table.

               Yeah, right.

               Eleven. It's a week night.

               (Under her breath with a chuckle)
               Eleven my ass.

                                                       CUT TO:

71   INT. NICKI AND SAM'S BEDROOM - NIGHT                        71
     Nicki and Sam are cracking themselves up in their underwear,
     smoking a joint, exhaling out the window and picking out
     slutty outfits. They check themselves out in a full length

               I know, I'd totally do him....but
               did you see how small his hands

               Ew, no.

               Yeah, that could be gross.

71   CONTINUED:                                                 71


               Dude, we have to get in that
               video...Does this look good?

               Yeah, I mean, do you feel good in

               I just want to look hot, but not

               Totally. I think you look hot. Let
               me see a different top...

     She slips on a silky camisole, and turns in her tight jeans.
     We can see a lower-back tatoo peeking out.

               Does my butt look good in these

               Your butt looks awesome.

     (She says this with the importance of giving a really serious

                                                       CUT TO:

72   INT. HOLLYWOOD NIGHT CLUB - NIGHT                           72
     Marc follows Chloe into Ricky's private office.

73   INT. NIGHT CLUB OFFICE                                      73

     Ricky hangs out, leaning back in a chair.

               Ricky, you remember Marc.

               Sure, sure I do. Come on in, Marc.
               What can I do for you.

     Marc opens a bag on his desk with the pile of Rolexes.

73   CONTINUED:                                                73

     Ricky looks at him with a poker face.

               Can you sell these?

     Ricky chuckles.

               Where'd you get them?

               Uh...I found them.

               I see.

     He enjoys dragging this out, making Marc squirm.

               What do you think, can you take

               I don't know...I can see...tell you
               what, I'll give you five grand for

               Aren't they worth more?

               Not stolen ones.

               Ok, yeah. Thanks.
               Sure, kid.

     He smiles and goes to his safe.

                                                        CUT TO:

74   INT. CLUB BATHROOM                                           74

     Marc and Nicki snort coke off the back of a little clutch bag
     on the back of the toilet.

                                                        CUT TO:

75   INT. NIGHT CLUB OFFICE                                         75

     Chloe straddles Ricky on his desk chair, making out with him.
     She holds out her arm and takes a picture on her phone. A
     little blackberry flash hits them, with her in a slutty pose
     up next to him.

                                                          CUT TO:

76   INT. HOLLYWOOD NIGHT CLUB - NIGHT                              76

     Marc and the girls, all done up sit in a booth and get bottle
     service. A big bottle of vodka is brought over.

     CLOSE UP: They leave a stack of cash.

                                                          CUT TO:

     Marc and the girls dance in slightly slow-motion.

     We hear dreamy, almost ominous tonal music as they dance
     instead of the club music. They sway in a dreamy trance,
     light gleaming around them, outlining their hair.

                         MARC (O.S.)
               When we went out, we got in
               everywhere and everyone loved
               us...and we had so many beautiful,
               gorgeous things.

                                                          CUT TO:

77   INT. MARC'S GRANDMA'S BASEMENT                                 77
     CLOSE UP: pan over his beautiful, gorgeous things.

     Marc is stashing a bunch of his loot in a basement.

     We see him take a last look at a Louis Vuitton suitcase
     packed full of luxury bags and designer fashion.

     Quilted Chanel bags in every color, Louboutin patent leather
     platform heels, Marc Jacobs crisp shirts.

     He touches them, and makes sure they're all tucked away
     carefully, before closing it up.

     We see there are several Louis Vuitton suitcases, he slides
     this one away next to them, and pulls a tarp over them in the
     corner and leaves them by some old Christmas decorations.

77    CONTINUED:                                                77

      He turns off the light and heads up the stairs.

                                                        CUT TO:

78    INT. MARC'S GRANDMA'S HOUSE - DAY                            78

      Marc's little old grandma shuffles about in a house coat with
      a plate of cookies, as he rushes out.

                Bye, Grandma.

      He gives her a kiss on his way out.

                Bye now.

      He shuts the door.

                                                        CUT TO:

79    EXT. ROBERTSON BLVD. - DAY                                   79

      In the bright light, Marc, Rebecca, Sam, Chloe and Nicki
      strut down the street with big sunglasses, lattes and
      shopping bags...just like reality stars. They are have a more
      jaded attitude now.

                                                        CUT TO:

80    EXT. PARIS' HOUSE - NIGHT                                    80

      The kids plus Rob enter the house. Rebecca leads them in as
      if it's her place.

80A   INT. PARIS' BEDROOM                                         80A

      Rebecca lounges in her bedroom, as the other girls try on

      Sam puts on a skimpy top and shows Nicki.

                Sexy biatch.

      Nicki looks in a mirror as she tries on a fluffy white fur

                          NICKI (CONT'D)
                J'adore Dior.

80   CONTINUED:                                                  80

     The girls are wearing Paris' jewelry and they're hanging out,
     making drinks as if they live there. One of them's in a fur

               How many times have you guys been
               up here?

               I think this is like the 5th time.

               And she never noticed?

               We never take enough for it to be
               obvious...and c'mon, it's Paris

               She's so messy.

               I know, right?

     Rob opens drawers, until he finds a box full of jewelry. He
     pulls out some diamond necklaces.

               Here we go.

               Oh, shit.

     The other kids gather around, as he holds them up.
               C'mon, let's get the fuck out of

                                                          CUT TO:

81   OMITTED                                                        81

82   INT. MARC'S ROOM - DAY                                         82

     Marc styles Nicki, dressing her up in a look.

               Or you could wear the Chloe sandals
               with this.

82   CONTINUED:                                                   82

               Oh, yeah.

     Nicki smokes something off a little piece of tin foil,
     exhaling out the window.

     His phone rings.

                         REBECCA (O.S.)
               Turn on KTLA.


                            REBECCA (O.S.)

     Marc turns on the TV and finds the channel- to see news
     footage of them from a surveillance camera sneaking into
     Audrina Patridge's house. He freaks out.

               No fucking way, no fucking way.

                          REBECCA (O.S.)
               Calm the fuck down, they can't tell
               who it is.

               Oh my god.

     He starts crying.

               Oh, shit.
                          REBECCA (O.S.)
               It's fine, it's fine, you can't see
               who it is.

     On TV:

                         NEWSCASTER (O.S.)
               Audrina Patridge posted this on her
               web site, asking for anyone who has
               any information about the break-in
               to contact police at the number

               Oh my god.

82   CONTINUED:                                                  82

     He stumbles and knocks something over that makes a loud
     crashing noise.

     There's a knock on the door.

                           MARC (CONT'D)
               Oh shit.

     Nicki cracks the door open coyly. Marc's dad who looks like a
     teamster looks at her.

                         MR. HALL
               Is everything alright in there?

                         NICKI (CUTESY)
               Yes, Mr. Hall, sorry if we're
               making too much noise.

     Marc calls out.

               Everything's fine.

                           MR. HALL

     Nicki smiles and shuts the door.

                                                         CUT TO:

83   INT. POLICE STATION                                           83

     We see the surveillance   video being viewed, it's rewound and
     studied on a loop. They   zoom in and the grainy image fills
     the frame as we see the   kids entering and leaving with loot.
     They zoom in and freeze   on a face.

                                                         CUT TO:

84   INT. MARC'S ROOM - NIGHT                                      84

     It's late at night, the lights are off, Marc looks up at the
     ceiling, he's tired, but can't sleep.

                                                         CUT TO:

85   EXT. BEACH - LATE AFTERNOON                                   85

     Rebecca, Marc and Chloe hang out sitting on rocks, smoking.

85   CONTINUED:                                                85

     It's beautiful there, with a water fall that some kids jump
     off of, and stoner kids hanging around. The rocks are covered
     in graffiti.

               I'll probably go over to Sagebrush

               Cool, who's playing?

               I don't know, I think some local

     Rebecca checks a text.

               I want to go to Rachel Bilson's,
               she's in Paris for fashion week.

               Don't you think you should chill
               out a little bit?

               Yeah, that news thing totally
               freaked me out.

               Nothing happened, there's no way
               you can tell who that is...C'mon,
               will you find her house for me,

     She gives him a pleading baby pouty look.
                         REBECCA (CONT'D)
               I want some Chanel...

               I don't know.

               C'mon, you're my best friend,
               please. Let's go get some stuff.

                                                       CUT TO:

86   INT. REBECCA'S AUDI - NIGHT                                  86

     Rebecca drives and talks on speaker phone with Marc next to

                  We're going to Rachel Bilson's,
                  wanna come?

                            NICKI (O.S.)
                  Hells yeah, text me she
                  still dating Hayden Christensen?

                  I don't know.

     Marc nods.

                            REBECCA (CONT'D)
                  Marc thinks so.

     Marc does a bump.

                                                        CUT TO:

87   EXT. RACHEL BILSON'S HOUSE - NIGHT                           87

     We follow Rebecca, Marc, Nicki, and Sam as they meet up in
     the dark as they approach the house.


     They approach the house and look for a way in.
                  What if there are cameras?

                  There aren't, just keep your hat
                  on...and chill out. It's fine.

     They go around the house and find a side door open.

     Rebecca leads the way in.

     They enter the dark house, and find her bedroom.

88   INT. BILSON'S BEDROOM - NIGHT                               88

     They look through her closet.

     Rebecca stands in the doorway of the bathroom that opens on
     to a dressing area.

     She looks through drawers, takes a make-up bag, and looks
     through the medicine cabinet.

     She finds a necklace on the counter - a gold chain, with an
     `R'. She puts it around her neck and clasps it as she looks
     at herself in the mirror.

     Nicki and Sam grab designer purses and clothes.   A cat comes
     up to them.

               She has so many Chanel bags.

               I love this one!

               That's so cute.

     They load up bags, try on shoes.

     Rebecca closes the bathroom door.

               What are you doing in there?

                         REBECCA (O.S.)
               When you have to go, you have to
               Are you fucking crazy? How are you
               so relaxed?

     We hear the toilet flush, and Rebecca comes out casually with
     some stuff with her.

     She looks around the closet.

     Some headlights flash, as a car pulls up outside.

                         MARC (CONT'D)
               Oh fuck, someone's here.

               Don't freak out, let's go you guys.

88   CONTINUED:                                                   88

     They quickly head out a window onto the roof, as we hear
     someone entering the house.

     Over the empty room, with stuff all over the floor, we hear
     someone calling from entrance.

                         WOMAN'S VOICE (O.S.)
               Hello? Hello?

                                                       CUT TO:

89   EXT. HOLLYWOOD HILLS- NIGHT                                  89

     The kids scramble and run in the dark, until they find a
     street. We hear coyotes howling.

               Oh my fucking god.

               That was so close!

               Everything's cool, c'mon.

90   EXT. HOLLYWOOD HILLS STREET - NIGHT                          90

     They climb up and onto a street. Someone walks by with their

     The kids try to look casual, just walking down the street.


     They walk, with a few bags.

               You guys wait here, I'll get the

     She walks off, and the rest of them sit on the curb. Marc and
     Nicki smoke cigarettes.

               That was fucked up.

90   CONTINUED:                                                  90

               I know!

     She opens a big tote bag, and pulls out a little Chanel
     Mademoiselle quilted bag.

                         NICKI (CONT'D)
               Look a Mademoiselle bag! How cute
               is this?!

               That's so cute. Did you get me one?

     Rebecca pulls up in her car and they get in and drive off.

                         MARC (O.S.)
               I think the biggest problem was
               after the Audrina thing-nothing
               happened-it gave Rebecca that self-
               boost that, oh, this is okay. I can
               get away with this. And I think
               her projecting that onto me made me
               think that it was going to be okay.

                                                       CUT TO:

91   INT. VALLEY PARTY- NIGHT                                     91

     Music blasts, as the kids make their way through the crowded,
     smoky party.

     Sam and Nicki sport their new Chanel bags.

     Some guys play beer pong.
     Some drunk girl comes up to Rebecca.

                            DRUNK GIRL
               Yo, Becca.


                         DRUNK GIRL
               I heard you went to Paris Hilton's.


                         DRUNK GIRL
               And you took some stuff.

91   CONTINUED:                                                  91

     Rebecca just looks at her like `yeah?'.

                         DRUNK GIRL (CONT'D)
               That's so dope. Paris Hilton...


     Rebecca keeps going to a keg. They get some beer in red
     plastic cups and look around.

     Chloe, wasted, comes up to them and they scream.



               Where've you been tonight?

               We went to Rachel Bilson's house.

               No fucking way!

               Yeah. It was chill...

     She poses with her new bag. A flash goes off as Marc takes a
     shot of her with his phone.

     Some drunk party girl passing by chimes in.

                         PARTY GIRL
               You went to Rachel Bilson's?!

               Yeah, she's in Paris at fashion
               week. We just went in...

                         PARTY GIRL
               Shut the fuck up.

                                                        CUT TO:

91A   MONTAGE:                                                   91A

      CLOSE UP: Rebecca snorting a line of coke.

      Music kicks in:

      Stealing-snorting-shopping montage

      The editing pace gets faster and faster, almost on a loop of
      stealing, snorting coke in dressing room, while shopping at
      Kitson, stealing, snorting, shopping, Starbucks...dancing at
      a Valley party. The kid's photos are mixed in.

                                                        CUT TO:

92    EXT. VENICE BEACH BOARDWALK - DAY                           92

      We see Marc, Rebecca, Sam and Nicki with beach chairs and a
      vendor's table set up covered in designer "it" bags. There
      are about 30 Chanel, some Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and
      Balenciaga bags.

      Mark wears a sun hat, the girls in big sunglasses take money,
      they look like kids at a lemonade stand.

                                                        CUT TO:

93    EXT. VALLEY PARTY-POOL AREA - NIGHT                         93

      We see them wasted, taking party pictures of each other
      decked out in their stolen designer wardrobes.
                                                        CUT TO:

94    INT. POLICE STATION - NIGHT                                 94

      We see over some detectives to computer screens with
      Rebecca's Facebook page with party shots of Marc, Nicki and
      Sam posing in their outfits.

      CLOSE UP: Rebecca's Facebook page of her in a party shot, we
      zoom in slowly to the gold "R" necklace around her neck that
      we saw her put on at Rachel Bilson's.

                                                        CUT TO:

94    CONTINUED:                                                  94

      CLOSE UP: on video footage of Lindsay Lohan in slow-motion,
      getting out of a car at a night club surrounded by Paparazzi

                          MARC (O.S.)
                Rebecca's like biggest conquest was
                Lindsay Lohan. She was her ultimate
                fashion icon.

                                                         CUT TO:

95    EXT. LINDSAY'S HOUSE - EVENING                               95

      We follow Marc, Rebecca, and Nicki as they go up to the
      house. Chloe waits behind.

                I'm staying on look out.

      Marc follows, but stops before they approach it.

                I don't think we should do this. If
                there are cameras, it's gonna be
                like Audrina's, it's gonna get out.

                C'mon, Lindsay's gone, I wanna do
                this, this is our opportunity.

      Marc looks at her.

                          REBECCA (CONT'D)
                Let's just go, no one's here,
                you're on camera, but it doesn't
                matter, you'll be fine, Audrina's
                was fine...C'mon Marc- pretty

                OK, but this is it.

      She smiles, and they head around to the back of the house.
      They look around and find a side door open.
      They follow Rebecca in.

95A   INT. LINDSAY'S HOUSE - DOWNSTAIRS                          95A

      Marc follows her in.

95A   CONTINUED:                                              95A

                I don't know, I think we should get
                out of here.

                You're already here. You might as
                well come up and get something for

                                                        CUT TO:

96    INT. LINDSAY'S HOUSE                                         96

      Rebecca and Nicki are freaking out over her clothes. Marc
      looks nervous, but goes along with them.

      Marc looks through the medicine cabinet and takes a
      prescription bottle.

      He reads label, and opens it, popping one in his mouth. He
      screws the top back on and puts it in his pocket.

      Marc paces and keeps a look out.

                Marc, do you like this dress, would
                this be good on me?

                Yeah, sure.

      Marc paces.

                Oh my god, this is the dress she
                wore to the Cosmopolitan opening!

                Oh my god, that's so cute.

      She shows them a jacket.

                          NICKI (CONT'D)
                What do you think?

      They load up bags, in fashion heaven.

      Nicki takes an Ed Hardy skull sculpture.

      Rebecca finds a little Louis Vuitton rolling suitcase, she
      rolls behind her.

96   CONTINUED:                                                96

     CLOSE UP: on a Rolex with a baby blue face as a hand takes

                                                       CUT TO:

     At a dressing table, Rebecca sprays herself with Lindsay's
     perfume - slight slow motion as she sprays her neck while
     looking at herself in the mirror, lit by the vanity table
     lights. There's a fetishistic feeling about the way she
     sprays the perfume and watches herself in the mirror.

                                                       CUT TO:

97   VIDEO SURVEILLANCE FOOTAGE:                                  97

     We see them leave Lindsay Lohan's through the grainy black
     and white footage of a surveillance video.

                                                       CUT TO:

98   EXT. BURBANK AIRPORT - DAY                                   98

     Marc is dropping Rebecca off.

               When are you coming back from

               I don't know, I'm just going to
               stay with my dad until things calm
               down with my mom...I need a change
               for awhile, I'll call you from
               there. Will you hold on to some of
               my stuff for me?

               Yeah, sure.

     She kisses him on the cheek, and gets out of the car, putting
     on big Lindsay Lohan sunglasses.

     He watches her walk off, wearing a jacket we saw her take at
     Lindsay's, and rolling Lindsay Lohan's Louis Vuitton suitcase
     behind her.

                         KATE (O.S.)
               Why do you think Rebecca was so
               obsessed with these women and their
               clothes - enough to steal?

                         Revised Blue - 03/16/12                66.
98    CONTINUED:                                                  98

                          MARC (O.S.)
                I just think she wanted to be part
                of, like, the lifestyle. Like, the
                lifestyle that everybody kind of

      Rebecca disappears down the long airport terminal hallway.

                                                       FADE OUT

98A   INT. TV STUDIO - TMZ news flash:                            98A

      We see the security camera footage from Lindsay Lohan's

                          FEMALE T.V. REPORTER
                Lindsay Lohan gave police the
                security footage from the night of
                March 23rd when her house was
                burglarized. Comparing the clips,
                it looks like these are the same
                burglars as in the Audrina Patridge                     *
                security video, and L.A. P.D. are
                investigating the connection of the
                Hollywood hills burglaries. If you
                have any information please contact
                the L.A.P.D.

                                                        CUT TO:

99    FACEBOOK PAGES:                                              99

      We see Rebecca's facebook page, party photos, her and the
      other girls wearing the stolen fashion.
      We hear the voice of a girl over the phone:

                          DRUNK GIRL (O.S.)
                Marc and Rebecca were bragging
                about it at a party, they said they
                had been in Rachel Bilson's house
                and Lindsay Lohan's. They said they
                went to Paris Hilton's like eight

                                                        CUT TO:

100   POLICE STATION                                              100

      On a monitor -new surveillance video is side by side with the
      footage from earlier video. They zoom in and freeze on images
      when they match up identifying some of the figures to be

      We hear a voice over the phone.

                          TEENAGE GIRL (O.S.)
                That's Marc Hall, Rebecca Ahn and
                Chloe, I don't know her last name,
                and Nicki Moore.

                                                        CUT TO:

101   COMPUTER SCREEN:                                            101

      We see Rebecca's page linking her to Marc as a friend, and
      the other kids' pages, linking them as friends. We see party
      photos of them in Paris Hilton's nightclub room, Nicki and
      Sam posing in lingerie, a photo of Sam with a Chanel bag.

      Chloe's page of her in vulgar sexy poses with Ricky, with
      captions -"Wanna smoke a bluuuunt".

                                                        CUT TO:

102   INT. MARC'S HOUSE- EARLY MORNING                            102

      We hear loud banging, as Marc's mother, in her robe goes to
      the door.

                One minute...

                          MAN'S VOICE
                L.A.P.D. Open the door.

      She fumbles nervously to open door.

      She opens the door to big cops in dark uniforms with guns
      pointed at her.

                                                        CUT TO:

103   INT. MARC'S ROOM - MORNING                                  103

      Marc's lying in his bed, when his mom comes in terrified.

                         Revised Blue - 03/16/12              68.
103   CONTINUED:                                              103

      We hear dogs barking outside.

                You need to get dressed, they want
                you to come outside.

      Marc knows this is it.

      He throws his arms around her and breaks down crying like a
      little kid.


                Whatever it is, we'll figure it
                out, honey.

      She holds him, until a cop enters and pulls him aside, we
      follow them into the living room.

                                                        CUT TO:

104   INT. MARC'S HOUSE- LIVING ROOM - MORNING                    104

      Big cops in uniform stand tall, with intimidating dogs by
      their side.

                Are you Marc Hall?

      They handcuff Marc. The dogs bark, Marc's mom cries.

      Marc holds his head low as they read him his Miranda rights.

                          COP                                           *
                You have the right to remain                            *
                silent. Anything you say can and                        *
                will be used against you in a court                     *
                of law.                                                 *

      Marc's dad talks to police in tough guy, confrontational way.

                          MR. HALL
                What's going on here, what's this

                         Revised Blue - 03/16/12          68A.
104   CONTINUED:                                           104

                Sir, I'm going to have to ask you
                to step aside.

      He continues reading Marc his rights.                         *

                          COP (CONT'D)                              *
                You have the right to speak to an                   *
                attorney present during any                         *
                questioning. If you cannot afford a                 *
                lawyer, one will be provided for                    *
                you.                                                *

104   CONTINUED:                                               104

      One police officer walks by carrying out pink pumps sealed in
      a plastic bag.

                                                        CUT TO:

105   INT. MARC'S ROOM - DAY                                    105

      Police search the room, they find designer clothes and
      accessories under the bed that they bag as evidence.

                                                        CUT TO:

106   EXT. MARC'S HOUSE- DAY                                    106

      They shove Marc in the back of the police car in the driveway
      of the modest suburban house. His dad has his arm around his
      mom, who watches crying in her robe.

                                                        CUT TO:

107   INT. POLICE CAR - DAY                                     107

      CLOSE UP: on Marc, feeling like a piece of shit, as the car
      drives away with him.

                                                        CUT TO:

108   TMZ FOOTAGE ON T.V.                                       108

                          TMZ REPORTER (O.S.)
                Suspect Marc Hall, was arrested
                today in conjunction with the
                Hollywood Hills burglaries that
                occurred over the past few months.
                It is believed that the gang
                referred to as "the Burglar

109   INT. NICKI'S HOUSE- DAY                                   109

      Cops bang on door.

                          COP (O.S.)
                Open up, L.A.P.D.

      Laurie is hysterical in her Juicy sweat suit as she opens the
      door. Her Yorkie barks.

109   CONTINUED:                                                 109

      A big gold Buddha statue stands near the entrance.


                Is this the residence of Nicolette

                Yes, what is this about?

                We have a warrant to search your
                house. Everyone needs to come

      The girls yell from upstairs.

                          NICKI (O.S.)
                Oh my god, what's going on!

      Laurie, who looks terrified, tries to remain calm and

                Girls-You need to come downstairs,

                          POLICE OFFICER
                Ma'am, we need you to secure your

                What is it?!
      Police go into her room to search.

                          EMILY (CONT'D)
                I don't understand?! What's

      The police bring out a Louis Vuitton suitcase and designer
      bags and clothing from her room.

                                                           CUT TO:

      The girls come into the living room. The Yorkie keeps
      barking. Nicki is wearing the same baby blue Juicy sweat
      pants as in the surveillance video.

      They handcuff Nicki and bring her outside.

109   CONTINUED:                                                 109

                          POLICE OFFICER
                We need you all to leave the
                premises and wait outside.

110   EXT. NICKI'S HOUSE- DAY                                     110

      Suburban neighbors come out to watch as Nicki is told to
      face the wall, handcuffed.

      Laurie, and the rest of the family are outside in their robes
      and pajamas. Nicki and Emily are crying.

      There are 4 police cars, and police officers all around.

                          POLICE OFFICER
                You have the right to remain

      He reads the Miranda rights as he puts Nicki under arrest.

                I want a lawyer! Call my lawyer!

      They put Nicki in the back of the police car. A neighbor kid
      takes a photo with his phone.

                          NICKI (CONT'D)

      The girls are all crying and freaking out.

                What's going on?! Why are they
                taking her?!
      Sirens scream as they pull away.

                                                        CUT TO:

111   INT. NICKI'S HOUSE- DAY                                     111

      Laurie , Emily and Sam in their robes and pajamas come back
      in to their livingroom.

                Girls, we need to have a prayer
                circle right now. We need to center

      Laurie takes their hands and she and Emily, Sam and Henry
      form a circle holding hands.

111   CONTINUED:                                              111

                            LAURIE (CONT'D)
                  I know that right here and now
                  there is one mind, one presence,
                  and I trust and know that this
                  whole experience right now is
                  strictly for the higher good of
                  each and every outcome, I give
                  thanks and this is the Truth.

                            SAM & EMILY (IN UNISON)
                  And so it is.

                  And so it is.

                                                        CUT TO:

112   EXT. REBECCA'S HOUSE - DAY                                  112

      Police knock on the door of the well-kept home with a BMW in
      the driveway.

      Rebecca's mom, a put together middle-aged Korean business
      woman opens the door.

                            REBECCA'S MOM
                  Hello, how can I help you?

                            POLICE OFFICER
                  Is this the home of Rebecca Ahn?

                            REBECCA'S MOM
                  I'm her mother, but she's staying
                  with her father in Nevada.
                            POLICE OFFICER
                  Ma'am, we'll need to get her
                  current address.

      She nods.

                                                        CUT TO:

113   EXT. ROB'S HOUSE - DAY                                      113

      In a working class Mexican neighborhood, Rob is led out of
      his house in handcuffs and put in a police car.

113   CONTINUED:                                              113

      His small Mexican mother in her house dress watches
      emotionally with Rob's 12-yr-old and 8-yr-old little sisters
      in pajamas, as they take him away.

                                                        CUT TO:

114   EXT. RICKY'S CONDO- DAY                                  114

      Ricky looks pissed, being led out of his condo in a kimono
      robe and socks, way too early in the day for him. Police
      officers follow with a jackpot of illegal substances, zip-
      locs of large amounts of mushrooms and guns. A pitbull on the
      lawn barks at the cops.

                What the fuck, man...

                                                        CUT TO:

115   INT. CHLOE'S HOUSE - DAY                                 115

      Chloe and her parents are at the breakfast table. They sit in
      an upper middle-class beige dining room, her mother in cream
      work out clothes and her father in a suit, reading the paper.
      Chloe texts on her black berry while she eats cereal.

      Two small white dogs lay at her mother's feet as she drinks a
      fruit smoothie. Sirens interrupt the scene, as they approach
      the dogs start barking.

                                                        CUT TO:

116   EXT. CHLOE'S HOUSE - DAY                                 116
      Cop cars are parked in front of a beige Calabassas McMansion
      with a Lexus in the driveway. Chloe, in sweats, is led out in

                                                        CUT TO:

117   INT. POLICE STATION - DAY                                117

      Marc is being questioned by detectives in a small room. He
      has photos of the other kids in front of him.

117   CONTINUED:                                          117

               We knew he was out of town through
               the internet, you'd google his name
               and see "Orlando Bloom is shooting
               a movie, he's with Miranda Kerr in
               New York." We walked in, it was
               unlocked, there was no alarm.

                         DETECTIVE (O.S.)
               The door was unlocked?

               Yeah, I've never even broken a

               How did you find the Rolexes?

               We found a safe at the bottom of a
               closet with the Rolexes and like
               five thousand dollars...I'll give
               everything back that I still have,
               and I'll find a way to repay them,
               I'm really sorry about what I did.

               Did you know Rebecca was leaving
               the state?

               I just thought she was going to
               stay at her dad's cause she wasn't
               getting along with her mom and step
               You didn't know she was crossing
               state lines with stolen property,
               and leaving you holding the bag?

                  (Sad and betrayed)
               I thought she was just visiting her

                                                     CUT TO:

118    INT. MARC'S MOM'S CAR- DAY                                  118

       Debbie is driving him home in silence. Marc looks out the
       window taking it all in, thinking about Rebecca and how it's
       all over.

       A song comes on the radio that we heard earlier when they
       were having fun together, he holds back tears.

                                                         CUT TO:

118A   INT. MARC'S ROOM - DAY                                     118A

       We see over Marc's shoulder to his computer screen as he goes
       to Rebecca's Facebook page.

       What we've seen earlier as a page full of pictures and
       messages is now blank, with only Rebecca's ID photo and an
       icon of a lock with the message: Rebecca only shares some
       information publicly. If you know Rebecca, add her as a
       friend or send her a message.

                                                         CUT TO:

119    EXT. REBECCA'S DAD'S HOUSE LAS VEGAS - DAY                  119

       We see police cars approach a small house in the desert.

       Police knock on the door, and Rebecca opens it.

                                                         CUT TO:

120    INT. REBECCA'S DAD'S HOUSE LAS VEGAS - DAY                  120
                 We have a warrant to search the
                 premises. Are you Rebecca Ahn?


       The detective reads Rebecca her Miranda rights.

       She is calm and collected.

                 Do you understand your rights?


                        Revised Blue - 03/16/12           76.
120   CONTINUED:                                          120

               Do you know why we're at your home
               serving a search warrant?


               Why do you think we're here?

               My friend Marc was arrested and he                  *
               called me from jail and told me the
               police had done a search warrant at
               his home.

               Do you know why?

               I've been watching TMZ and they've
               been saying I'm a `person of
               interest' in these burglaries.

               Were you involved in any of the
               burglaries to these celebrities?

               No, I wasn't.

               Is there going to be any property
               from any of those burglaries in
               this residence?

               Have you been in any of the
               celebrity's homes that have been


               Could any of your fingerprints of
               DNA be found in any of the victim's

120   CONTINUED:                                                 120


                                                        CUT TO:

      Some police look through Rebecca's room, her closet.

      They check a label and hold up some items of clothes they've
      been looking for.

      CLOSE UP: they open a box and find the Paris Hilton nude
      photos from the safe.

                                                        CUT TO:

121   INT. REBECCA'S DAD'S HOUSE LAS VEGAS - DAY                  121

      The police enter the living room with the found items and
      address the detective.

                          POLICE OFFICER
                We've located a jacket and jeans
                that match the description by
                Lohan, and personal photographs of
                Paris Hilton.

      Rebecca's face goes white, and she loses her composure.

                If I tell you where everything is,
                would you let me go? Hypothetically
                let's say I may know where this
                property is located and who has it,
                how could that help me?
                The detectives on this case are
                trying to recover hundreds of
                thousands of dollars worth of
                property for the victims and I'm
                sure they would say if your
                cooperation helped them locate it.

                I want to help you out, but I don't
                want to do anything without talking
                to my attorney.

      As the police continue to search, a box is open on the coffee
      table with pot and a pipe.

121    CONTINUED:                                                121

                 Is this your marijuana?

                 Yes, I have a prescription for it
                 and bought it in California.

       The police pack it up with other evidence.

                 You're being arrested for stolen
                 property and L.A.P.D. detectives
                 will be filing charges in their
                 jurisdiction for burglary.

       They handcuff her and escort her out.

                                                         CUT TO:

122    INT. POLICE STATION - DAY                                  122

       Rebecca is being questioned by the L.A. Detective in a small

                 Did you speak to any of the

                 I've spoken to all of the Victims.

       Rebecca's eyes light up.

                 Really?! What did Lindsay say?
                                                         CUT TO:

       MUG SHOTS: Flashes pop and we cut to each mug shot: Rebecca,
       Marc, Nicki, Chloe, Rob.

                                                         CUT TO:

122A   TMZ FOOTAGE ON T.V.                                       122A

       We see Facebook party photos of Rebecca and the others.


                          TV REPORTER (O.S.)
                Rebecca Ahn, thought to be the
                ringleader was arrested, and awaits
                her hearing with the other members.
                Stay tuned for the latest on the
                Bling Ring.

123   EXT. POLICE STATION - NIGHT                              123

      Paparazzi and video cameras surround Nicki and her sisters as
      they rush to get in their car. Harsh video camera lights
      shine in their faces in the darkness.

                          MALE TMZ REPORTER
                How do you think you'll do in jail?

      She keeps moving, with her hood up and sunglasses on.

                Oh my god!

                This is crazy.

      Laurie drives them away in her black S.U.V.

                                                        CUT TO:

124   INTERNET VIDEO CLIP:                                     124

      A low-res video camera shows Lindsay Lohan get out of a big
      S.U.V and approach a courthouse in a tight white dress and
      big sunglasses as she passes a row of photographers. She
      looks like she's at a premier.
      Title: Actress Lindsay Lohan arrives at an LA court house
      after being charged with felony grand theft over a necklace.

                                                        CUT TO:

125   INT. NICKI AND SAM'S BEDROOM - DAY                       125

      Nicki is trying on court looks for Sam. She has on a Peter-
      Pan collared shirt, mini skirt and heels, with her hair up in
      a bun, she turns from the mirror to Sam.

                Does this look conservative, is
                this good?

                           Revised Blue - 03/16/12              80.
125   CONTINUED:                                                125

                If you like a secretary-style

                Shut Up.                                                *

      She changes her skirt to a little bit longer one.

                          NICKI (CONT'D)
                How about this?

                That's need lower

                Oh, Yeah, where are my kitten
                heels...bitch, you're so fucking
                lucky you weren't on that video...

                          SAM (CONT'D)
                I know, that sucks.

                            LAURIE (O.S.)

                                                          CUT TO:

126   INT. NICKI'S HOUSE- DAY                                    126

      Laurie calls up to Nicki, the Yorkie barks at the door.

                Nicki! Kate from Vanity Fair is

                                                          CUT TO:

127   INT. NICKI'S LIVING ROOM - DAY                             127

      Laurie sits next to Nicki as she speaks to KATE, a polished
      journalist from N.Y. A tape recorder sits in front of Nicki.

      Nicki's two lawyers, SHANNON a brunette in her early 40's, in
      a suit and pearls and ADAM, middle-aged lawyer-type, sit with

                What do your parents do?

127   CONTINUED:                                          127

               My mom does a lot of things, she's
               a minister, she's been a masseuse,
               she's an energy healer...My dad is
               a director of photography on T.V.
               shows, he's been in the industry

               And how is Sam related?

               We've adopted her, we met in ballet
               class when we were little.

               I was friends with her mother--

               Mom, this is my interview. I met
               her when my parents divorced. Now
               she lives with us, my mom's home
               schooled us all for a while.

               The philosophy of `The Secret',
               it's based on the law of
               attraction, but my great-
               grandmother and grandmother both
               studied this philosophy. It's man's
               relationship to the Divine, that's
               what energy science means.

               Since I was young I learned about
               every religion.
               So, Sam was in your ballet class,
               did she have parents?

               She had a dysfunctional background,
               we both did...

               And I met her mom--

               Can I talk please?! The reason we
               related so well is my dad is a
               recovering alcoholic and Sam's mom

127   CONTINUED:                                          127

               A practicing...

               A practicing drug addict and
               alcoholic and our moms became best
               friends and...

               And then she went off the deep end,
               she was on the verge--

               Please! I told you that if you're
               going to be here you had to be
               quiet! That's why I didn't want you
               here because you talk!

               So, basically you took her in.

               Yes, we took her in about 6 years

               But let's get back to Nicki.

               So Adam here told me you do charity

               Yes, we do a lot of stuff through
               our church, it's Agape Church.
               It's the religious science
               philosophy being taught at Agape

               My other sister, Gabby is on a trip
               with them now helping build homes.
               And they do a yearly trip to Africa
               where they build wells and schools
               for kids.

               Which country?

127   CONTINUED:                                              127

                Uh, I can't remember exactly which
                country... We do bake sales and
                feeding the homeless, that kind of

                Ok, so it's a little bit of a
                disconnect with these positive
                pursuits and what's happening now.

                Nicki, I don't want you to answer
                that comment.

                I think that I'm a firm... I have a
                good statement to say.

                She can speak generally.

                I'm not gonna speak about the case,
                what I was going to say is that I'm
                a firm believer in karma and I
                think this situation was attracted
                into my life as a huge learning
                lesson for me to grow and expand as
                a spiritual human being.

      Nicki is getting emotional as she speaks, her voice quivers.

                          NICKI (CONT'D)
                I don't think the universe chose a
                better person than me because from
                this it's not just affecting me,
                it's affecting the media and
                everyone and I think I'm meant to
                bring truth to all this....I
                believe that I am an old soul.

                Yes, she is.

                We have gotten to know Nicki and
                her family and we feel Nicki is an
                extremely focused, honest person
                who has a lot to provide to the

127   CONTINUED:                                                 127
                          SHANNON (CONT'D)
                And we agree that there hasn't been
                a disconnect, that there were
                circumstances that happened but
                Nicki herself continued to stay on
                her plane despite the tumultuous
                experiences happening.

                What's your goal or life plan if
                you have one?

                I do, I think my journey is to be a
                leader and push for peace and for
                the health of our planet--

      Nicki starts to get teary eyed.

                Nicki has expressed to me a lot of
                her humanitarianism.

                It's my main goal. God didn't give
                me these talents and what I look
                like to sit around and just be a
                model or famous. I want to do
                something people notice, that's why
                I'm studying business, so I can be
                a leader and take a stand for

                                                        CUT TO:

128   INT. LAWYER'S OFFICE - DAY                                  128
      Over Kate's shoulder, we see Marc speaking into her tape
      recorder, with his lawyer at his side.

                I met Rebecca in school after I
                moved back and went to Indian
                Hills, I went there because I had a
                lot of absences. I didn't want to
                go to school, I had a lot of self-
                loathing and anxiety issues, I felt
                that I was ugly...

                You're not ugly.

128    CONTINUED:                                                 128

                 I know I'm not ugly, but I never
                 thought I was an A-list looking
                 guy.I Went to Indian Hills to learn
                 and be with my peers, I felt so
                 self-conscious I didn't look as
                 good as everyone else.

                 And now you're a star.

       Marc laughs.

                 On my Facebook page recently I had
                 800 friends requests, I accepted
                 them all, I didn't even look at
                 them, then I noticed someone had
                 created a fan page for me. If it
                 had been for something I had done
                 to help the community or benefit
                 something I'd love it, but it's
                 just kind of awkward for me that
                 these people are loving me for
                 something that's looked down on in
                 society... It's kinda showing that
                 America has some sick fascination
                 with a Bonnie and Clyde kind of

                                                         CUT TO:

128A   FOOTAGE ON TV                                              128A

       ON T.V. / Headline: Hollywood's "Burglar Bunch" allegedly
       targeted A-list stars.
                           TV REPORTER
                 After months of break-ins to the
                 Hollywood homes of celebrities
                 including Lindsay Lohan and Paris
                 Hilton, police say they have
                 finally cracked the case. Could a
                 group of Tinsel Town teens be
                 behind a multi-million dollar
                 heist? Mike Van Freen has the

       We see a montage of the kids, and the victim's homes and
       celebrities on the red carpet.

128   CONTINUED:                                                 128

                Could these teenagers be at the
                center of a celebrity crime spree?
                Police say they have stolen
                millions in cash, art and jewelry
                from the mansions of Orlando Bloom,
                Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and
                countless other stars.

                                                        CUT TO:

129   EXT. COURT PARKING LOT - DAY                                129

      It's a sunny L.A. day.

      Laurie, Nicki, Sam and Emily get out of their black S.U.V.
      dressed for court.

                Can I have a 5 mg adderal.

      Laurie hands her a pill from her purse, as they stop to do a
      quick prayer on their way.

                Just remember what we went over
                with Shannon, they can't prove you
                were in any of those houses.

                I know, mom.

      Laurie smooths her skirt, as she stands straight in high
      heels. They take hands and bow their heads.
                          NICKI (CONT'D)
                I know right here and right now
                there is one mind, one power and
                one presence.

                Mom, shouldn't we go?


                Stop what?

                Stop talking.

                         Revised Blue - 03/16/12              87.
129   CONTINUED:                                              129

                She's praying.

                I know I'm always protected and
                karma cleanses my journey. Thank
                you Lord, so much for this truth.
                And so it is.

                          SAM,EMILY & LAURIE
                And so it is.

                ... You rock girl!                                    *

      She hugs her and they break like a football team, and head to

                                                        CUT TO:

130   EXT. COURTHOUSE - DAY                                    130

      Nicki, dressed as a sexy school girl walks up with her mother
      and sisters. Her lawyer, Shannon, is dressed for success.

      They are flanked by paparazzi and video camera crews.

      Nicki stops to make a statement. Shannon stands by her side,
      getting in the shot.

                This is a very difficult time for
                myself and my family. Thank you for
                respecting my privacy, I look
                forward to my day in court.
      She does a flirtatious eye roll and saunters past the cameras
      in her kitten heels.

                                                        CUT TO:

      We see Chloe enter the courthouse with sunglasses on, flanked
      by lawyers surrounded by paparazzi and video crews.

      She keeps her chin up defiantly and makes her way in.

                                                        CUT TO:

      Marc walks in with dark sunglasses, wearing a suit,
      surrounded by camera men. They shout his name to get a shot.

130   CONTINUED:                                              130

                          MALE TMZ REPORTER
                How does it feel to be a rat?

      Marc keeps walking, lawyers by his side, music takes over the
      sound and it becomes slow motion. Flashes go off and he makes
      his way through the mayhem.

                                                        CUT TO:

131   INT. COURTHOUSE - DAY                                       131

      We see Marc, Chloe, Nicki and Rob sitting in a row, dressed
      for court.

                                                        CUT TO:

132   INT. COURTHOUSE HALL - DAY                                  132

      Rebecca, dressed for court, walks with her mother, who's hair
      is pulled back severely. She's dressed in a dark suit and
      tinted glasses. They are flanked by lawyers. She speaks
      coldly to her in Korean, Rebecca answers her in English.

                          REBECCA'S MOM (IN KOREAN)
                Sit up straight, and speak up when
                you answer questions.


                          REBECCA'S MOM (IN KOREAN)
                What were you thinking? While I was
                working to support you and your
                sister. I gave you every thing...
                You've never done anything right.

                                                        CUT TO:

133   INT. COURTHOUSE - DAY                                       133

      Rebecca enters with her mom and lawyers and is brought to a
      row of seats with Marc, Nicki, Chloe and Rob.

      She is seated next to Marc, but doesn't look at him. Marc
      looks over at her, but she stares ahead.

      The court room door closes.

      BAM- we hear the sound of a gavel banging over black.

                         Revised Blue - 03/16/12                 89.
133   CONTINUED:                                                 133

                          JUDGE (O.S.)
                Nicolette Moore, you are found
                guilty on one count                                     *
                of first degree residential

                                                        CUT TO:

      The court room door flies open and Rebecca, Marc, Chloe,
      Nicki and Rob are descended on by the press.                      *

                          JUDGE (CONT'D)                                *
                Marc Hall, you are found guilty on                      *
                4 counts of first degree                                *
                residential burglary.                                   *

      Flashes and coverage continues as they leave. Nicki sobs, we
      freeze frame on her through a paparazzi's long lens for a few
      frames and then continue. A distressed Laurie follows like a
      protective Lioness.

      Marc looks in shock and keeps his head low, and Rebecca looks
      pissed as they are led out.

      We see news cameras descending on them.

                          JUDGE (O.S.) (CONT'D)
                Marc Hall, you are found guilty,
                with a charge of 6 counts of
                residential burglary. You are
                sentenced to 4 years in state
                prison and restitution of $800,000.

      News coverage takes over from the voice of the Judge.

134   EXT. COURTHOUSE - DAY                                       134

      From the view of a TMZ-style low-res video camera: They leave
      the courthouse in the mayhem. We see Nicki, Marc and Rebecca
      trying to get out with press and lawyers surrounding. Nicki
      cries, Laurie's freaking out.

                          TV REPORTER
                Rebecca Ahn and Marc Hall were both
                sentenced to 4 years in state
                prison. Chloe Taynor and Robert
                Hernandez were each sentenced to a

      We watch them leave as we hear the voice of another reporter.     *

                        Revised Blue - 03/16/12            89A.
134   CONTINUED:                                            134

                         REPORTER (O.S.)                          *
               Members of the Bling Ring were                     *
               sentenced today for their roles in                 *
               the rash of break-ins that netted                  *
               more than three million in high-end                *
               goods. Rebecca Ahn and Marc Hall                   *
               were both sentenced with four years                *
               in state prison, Chloe Taynor and                  *
               Robert Hernandez will face one year                *
               each, and Nicolette Moore was                      *
               sentenced to six months in county                  *
               jail.                                              *

                                                     FADE OUT.

135   EXT. LOS ANGELES POLICE STATION - DAY                       135

      It's a sunny afternoon. We see Marc handcuffed to criminals
      being led onto a white bus that reads: County of Los Angeles
      Sheriff's department.

136   INT. PRISON BUS - DAY                                       136

      Marc sits next to a big, hard-looking criminal.

      CLOSE ON Marc's face as he looks out the window, while the
      bus pulls away. Light streams in on his pale face. He looks
      out as the Los Angeles streets go by.

      Cut back to Marc's young face looking out the window, music
      starts, and the bus drives out of frame.

                                                 FADE TO BLACK.

137   ON T.V. - E ENTERTAINMENT NEWS                              137

      Nicki, in full hair and make-up sits in front of a draped
      curtain back drop talking to an E journalist.

                We're here with Nicki Moore, who
                just served 30 days for her
                involvement in the Bling Ring, and
                shared a cell block with one of the
                victims- Lindsay Lohan. There were
                reports that Lindsay was crying,
                with you being next to her, did you
                actually hear any of this?
                I could hear her crying the first
                day, which is hard when you're
                trying to be strong, I just tried
                to really keep to myself..., I just
                tried to get through the day , the
                days are so long you're woken up at

                And how'd she look?

                She got to keep her extensions in,
                most girls were talking about oh- I
                had to take my weave out...she was
                in orange like all of us...

137   CONTINUED:                                               137

               Were you nervous you were next to
               her because you were accused of
               being a part of that group that
               allegedly robbed her house.

               Yeah, it was hard for me there were
               tabloids and on T.V.s in there
               people were watching the story and
               they were showing the surveillance
               video and stuff... and little do
               people know that when that video
               came out I was actually in contact
               with her manager to tell her who I
               believed the people were who robbed
               her house... and eventually when
               I'm able to tell my story people
               will know the truth.

               So that's nerve wracking she could
               think you robbed her house.

               She could've, but you
               know...yeah...Anyway, you can
               follow everything about me and my
               journey at Nickimooreforever dot

                                                    CUT TO BLACK.